China (changsha) International Construction Equipment Exhibition



2019 China (Changsha) International Construction Equipment Exhibition is coming soon, let's have a look of the highlights of this event!


Crane travels on wire, excavator opens beer bottle... Our impression of heavy large machinery, which can also complete a variety of fine operations flexibly.

The International Construction Equipment Exhibition of 2019 will open in Changsha on May 15. At that time, there are 1150 world-renowned construction equipment enterprises will show up with the latest technological achievements and intelligent new generation products of the industry.


Hunan's largest exhibition at present

The exhibition area is planned to be 213,000 square meters. It will gather 1150 exhibition enterprises and 150,000 professional audiences from all over the world. 

The exhibition products cover many fields, such as construction machinery, mining machinery, marine engineering and high altitude operation platform. It is the largest exhibition in Hunan at present.


 Multinational politicians and business leaders 

attended the conference

The exhibition intends to invite CEOs of more than 50 global manufacturing enterprises; the ambassadors in China will introduce the current equipment needs and cooperation directions of their countries; Among the participants identified by the organizing committee, there are many Fortune 500 enterprises, Forbes Global 2000 enterprises, leaders of 5,000 global investment companies and sophisticated technological inventors etc.


 Hard core data

Hunan has become China's largest 

construction equipment industry base

China is the world's largest construction machinery market. Hunan has become China's largest construction equipment industry base, and the proportion of total assets, operating income and profits of the construction equipment industry has always been in the forefront of the country; In 2018, the main business income accounted for about 26% of the total national revenue, and ranked first in the construction equipment industry.



3 Hunan Enterprises are among the Top 50 Global Construction Equipment Manufacturers in 2019.

KHL Group, the world's leading information provider of construction equipment, recently released its latest list of the top 50 global manufacturers of construction equipment.

Sany Group, Zhonglian Zhongke and Shanhe Intelligence, the three enterprises originating from Hunan,ranked 7th, 13th and 34th respectively.

Highlight One




The three major mainframe enterprises from Changsha Economic District will show up at the exhibition with the latest and most complete products.

Highlight Two


Zoomlion Heavy Industry brings new equipment into the Exhibition Hall.

Highlight Three


Mining Mobile Crushing Machinery: Turning Construction Waste into Renewable Resources.

Highlight Four


The enterpriseHongweijijiabuilds the Largest Online Service and transaction platform of construction equipment in China.


If you have equipment without operator, you can find a platform on the internet. It's easy to repair minor faults, and book the online service with the online service from the Hunan enterprise Hongweijijia.

Highlight Five



Hitachi, which ranked fourth in the Top 50 Global Construction Machinery Manufacturers in 2019, it plans to bring its star products to the exhibition. 

In addition, it will also show the ConSite system currently being implemented in Changsha, which is an intelligent integrated response system developed by Hitachi Aircraft, aiming to increase the efficiency in the use and management of machines and help save the maintenance costs.

Translated by Tian Mengyao
  Edited by Tian Mengyao
Revised by Zhouyang


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