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In June 2015 the Hunan International Travel Health Care Center, otherwise known as the 'foreigner's hospital' (where expats go for mandatory medical checks) moved to a new location on the outskirts of Changsha. Below we list our experiences and official information of getting there and how to complete the process.

The address is:




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What do I need to bring?

Your passport

Student/Employment details (including the address, contact person name and a number)

2 photos (passport size), although you may only be asked to take an electronic photo

Cash (at least 500Yuan, better to have 7-800Yuan to be sure, for standard service)

The main telephone number given on the website is: 0731-84721924. A link to their website is in the link at the end of this article.

How do I get there?

The hospital is located well out of town, at least a 30min taxi ride from Wuyi Square. So allow for traffic time and a heavy taxi fee. We advise getting a Didi or other bookable car service as some drivers may refuse to go so far out. 

TIP: Make sure your taxi or car can give you a fapiao (receipt) if your institution/employer is offering to reimburse your taxi fares.

Alternatively, go to metro stations Wanjiali Square or Renmin East Rd (L2) and get a taxi the shorter distance from there if cost is an issue. You can find limited taxis for the return journey outside the center.

What will I be checked for?

Generally speaking, you'll get a blood test, urine test and blood pressure test. At present the test includes:

1 blood test

1 urine test

1 ECG test

1 blood pressure/weight check

1 ultrasound

1 body x-ray test

You will be given a sheet of paper after checking in and this will show your test steps. In Hunan, your medical results are printed into a booklet. In other provinces, this is in the form of a certificate.

What's the procedure?

Enter the main building and turn left to take a waiting number ticket from a machine. Await your turn. When your number is displayed go to the counter, explain (or show) your employment place and your own contact details. If you did it before, your details should be on the system still. You will have an electronic photo taken. They will ask your employment place and what type of check up you want (all foreigners get the same standard bundle of tests, as stated above). Then, move to the end counter to pay. Usual 24hr service is around 500Yuan. Same-day service will cost more.

TIP: Take cash to ensure there are no issues. There are no ATMs nearby.

Then you're ready to start the tests. On the 1st (Ground) Floor is the body X-Ray room. Do this first if there is no queue. 

3rd floor is main area. On arrival, scan your paper barcode (top corner of the paper you're given when signing in). This will produce a ticket number for the blood test & urine sample (same area). Wait to see your name and then do the test. Urine sample is behind you via a small side window.

TIP: Get there very early and do the blood test asap. We have heard that even at 9:30am they finish the blood testing so this is the test to get done immediately.

Then, move down the corridor to await your name on the monitor. Do each room test as your name is called. 

The whole process takes around 2hrs but on busy days could take 3-4hrs.

TIP: Avoid Mondays and Fridays. They are only open Monday-Friday. Get there early, around 8am for a speedier process.

When your tests are all done, you should return to the main reception area to hand over your stamped and completed test paper. They will then issue you a receipt.

Home/employment delivery option:

After your tests, with your receipt, you can order a delivery service at a desk near the main door. They deliver to anywhere (saving you another journey to collect the results!) and Changsha city is currently set at 21.5Yuan. Show your employment address, contact person and a name in Chinese. Delivery is usually within 48hrs if there is no holiday or weekend.

We hope this info was useful. If you experience any other issues, or chages to what we have written here, please tell us so we can warn others; [email protected]


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