6/07: DJ HELIO & Toga Party @Red Lion Pub





Friday 6/07 is the Red Lion Pub annual TOGA party! 

Starts 9pm. Prizes, games and a DJ! Drinks deals for anyone in full TOGA costume. 

What is a Toga Party? 

Simple. We dress up like ancient Romans and Greeks (a simple white sheet across your body with some jewellery or accessories) is enough! 

Last year was great. 

Let's make this year the best ever!


Dj  HLIO ,   DJ Hlio  from 2007 arouse the love for music playing in number of  foreign night club and night parties increasing his reputat ion as a good DJ; his unique energy and sound is a result of countless gigs. There is a triple threat with his combination of skills, personality and experience!

Toga party is a costume party in which party goers wear toga normally made from bed sheet and sandals. They are a popular traditions in colleges and universities in the US and Canada. The first toga party in college was in 1953, when Pomona college students wore togas and wreaths. Togas were worn in Ancient Rome by males over a tunic or a loin cloth. The toga party theme became popular by the 1978 film Animal house and since has become a theme for lot of  the graduation ceremonies and fancy dress parties.


for anyone in costume


Drinks deals for those in costume

Best dress competitions

The perfect theme party for a hot summer night out

What are some of the toga party costumes?

Basic white toga: If you are simple and has a classic taste, take a plain white cloth and make a toga. Linen is a good choice for making toga. Wear simple sandals to go with it.

Elegant toga: You can choose colored or embroidered cloth for your toga, wear a nice neckline and a belt. But remember not to wear a toga with too many designs and accessories.

Creative toga: You can choose a cloth with different colors and choose cloth with some designs on it or mix both the colors and design. Accessorize with a belt, a tiara, bracelets, armbands, ribbons, sashes and a neckline.

  New Happy Hour Deal!   


Now 2 hours of food and drink!
1. Pie+Fries+Beer: 48
2. Pasty+Fries+Beer: 58

3. All Draught Beer only 20

4. Bottle of Red Wine only 88
5. Bottle of White Wine only 98

Why not have a birthday party at the Pub? 

Great drinks+birthday cake +decorations packages available! 
Open from 7pm. All welcome.



1. ++48




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