6/22-7/17: Space Vagrancy Program Exhb *WIN TICKETS*

Experience the majesty of the universe, explore foggy rooms, walk through a dazzling cosmos, manipulate and spin the universe with the latest VR technology while discovering your destiny.

Are you human or alien? 
What magic stone will you choose? 
Can you find the hidden code to activate the intergalactic experience? 

(See further below for more)
*Special WNIC Competition*

Check out Changsha's newest and most advanced interactive exhibition which utlises high tech concepts and stunning visual art effects. 
Experience it at Changsha's futuristic theatre... 'Meixihu'

How to win? 
All you have to do is share the WNIC official wechat account  in a wechat group of more than 200 people and send us a screenshot by Friday 6/28 (closes 6pm)! You must also then send us your full name + wechat ID (so we may contact you if you win). Send this to us on our official wechat account or by email: [email protected]  Tickets have no money value and may be cancelled or changed at any time by Meixihu. Winners will collect tickets from the Red Lion Pub.

All winners may only attend during weekdays.
There are no competition tickets for weekends
Buy tickets by scanning below

Magical fantasy

Human Mind Mapping

Your stone - Your destiny

Fun and inspiring

Enter the space lab

Creative and sparkling zones

A light sensation

The field of dreams module

Use space as your next great adventure

Awesome visual effects

Travel through the universe

Lie back and see the stars

Where power meets vision

Access your future

The light room

Interactive consoles

The exhibition is located in the small, detached theatre hall opposite the main entrance and in front of the Luxury Collection Hotel, nort Meixi Lake (easily accessed by Metro station East Meixi Lake and Meixi Lake Arts & Culture Centre). 

Note, no food or drink is allowed into the exhibition.

Weekdays13:00  ~  20:00
Weekends10:00  ~  20:00
(last entry at 19:30)

Meixihu International Culture 
& Arts Centre 
Multi-functional Theatre

Advance Tickets
Weekdays 68/
Weekends 98/

On The Door Tickets

Weekdays 88/
Weekends 118/


Theatre members have a discount.
When purchasing tickets online you will be asked to select a seat. Choose any coloured seat. The actual exhibition has no seating. The booking system is set up for theatre seating.

Children under 1 meter go free

Coming soon to Meixihu

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