On July 16, the 6th Sino-Russian Youth Forum was opened in Changsha, Hunan province.


Over the past 10 days, young people from China and Russia have forged a profound friendship along the beautiful Xiangjiang River.


What achievements do the youth make? How do they feel about the activities? As the journey is coming to a close, let's take a look at their harvests!

Science, technology, life and culture......


The Russian youth were admired for Hunan's developments in these fields.


During the 12-day forum, more than 300 young representatives from the upper and middle reaches of the Yangtze River and the Volga River Valley gathered in Hunan.They commented that Hunan is also a young man, who was vigorous and upward, full of vitality.


Brush the ink, uncover the red rice paper, and the scene of the rat's marriage sprang up on the paper... This is the most impressive experience of the Russian youth representative Karina. She praised with sincere, "The culture of Hunan is extensive and profound. We are very happy that the intangible cultural heritage museum, the visitors are allowed to get close to the works- not only be touched them, but also created them."


"What impressed me most was the Grand Company. It took only 19 days for the workers to build a 57-storey building, which was really amazing and astonishing, "Romand, a Russian youth representative, told the reporters. 

"I really love Chinese app, such as Wechat and Taobao, which is really convenient. I hope that one day Wechat and Taobao will be introduced into Russia, so that the Russian people can also use them."


During the 12-day journey, the young people of China and Russia felt the history and development of Hunan, and were convinced by the unique charm of Huxiang culture.

Communicate and make friends with each other.

The young people of China and Russia grew up together during their journey to Hunan, with a lot of harvests.

Zheng Yang, a Russian youth who is currently studying for a master's degree at Harbin University of Technology, thinks that the two countries should communicate more to promote friendly relations and understand each other. He said that through this forum, there will be more and more exchanges between young people and more opportunities for business cooperation between China and Russia.


Bi Huazhu, a youth representative from China, also feels the same. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Russia. Over the past 70 years, China and Russia have enjoyed good-neighbourliness and friendship, and the bilateral relations have matured and stabilized. Bi said, " I believe that today's ideological collision and exchange of views between Chinese and Russian youth will have the greatest impact on national relations and personal growth."

Good-looking, Good-tasting, and Great Fun!


Hunan is an attractive place. Ill come back again!


(Russian youth representative Anna)

Taking the opportunity of this forum, Ann, a young Russian who will graduate next year, paid a special visit to the university. "I'm going to study for a master's degree in China. " A few days ago, she visited Xiangtan University. Although it was summer vacation, Anna noticed that the library was still very popular. She smiled shyly at reporters and said, "Chinese young people are very diligent. I have to double my efforts to prepare for postgraduate exam."


(Russian youth representative Lisa and her Chinese friend)

Lia ! Lia

Hunan people are very hospitable---this is Lias first impression of Hunan people. "Whenever I need them, they will come to help. Especially our volunteers, I have become good friends with them now! "Lia had always wanted to come to Changsha when she was studying Chinese in Nanchang, this time, her dream finally realized.


(Russian youth representative Zheng Yang)


Zhengyang tasted stinky tofu, the famous Hunan delicacy during his stay in Changsha. Frowning with an embarrassing smile, he said, "although I'm not really used to its taste, I like spicy food very much. Overall, Hunan food is very appetizing!


In Ann's eyes, Changsha is a very modern city, but also a place with strong historical and cultural atmosphere. She enjoyed the street food in Changsha, and her favorite is Changshas milk tea. This time, Ann even bought Chinese tea to take home.

Reporter: Zhou Yang, Intern Tang Lelin,
Fu Zitian, Yu Zheng
Edited by Tian Mengyao
Revised by Zhou Yang


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