Changsha waste classification step into the "fast lane"!




As one of the 46 key waste sorting cities in China, Changsha has stepped into the fast lane where waste sorting will be implemented.

Where is the kitchen wasteHow can the recycled waste be fully reused? Changsha is focusing on waste reduction, harmlessness and resource utilization.

 At the same time, Changsha actively introduces social resources to improve the degree of specialization of waste separation and disposal.


Kitchen waste "turning waste into treasure"

Changsha is one of the first cities in China to build a kitchen waste collection and transportation project.

The arbitrary disposal of kitchen waste pollutes the environment. Through unified recycling, Changsha separates the waste oil, waste water and waste residue from the kitchen waste and processes it for reuse.

The first food waste pretreatment project 
will be completed in September


With the continuous expansion of the classification of domestic waste, more and more communities in Changsha have begun to achieve dry and wet garbage separation.

The city's first waste sorting wet garbage (kitchen waste) pre-treatment terminal facility is under construction. The project is expected to complete the installation and processing line installation in September this year. 


The trial operation will begin in October, and the daily processing capacity will reach 2,000 tons.

Create a garbage collection network 

online and offline

In order to solve the problem of garbage resource utilization, Wanrong Technology company has developed a three-network integration recycling system for the Internet, garbage classification network and renewable resource network, and a city classified garbage terminal disposal system to fully integrate the current garbage classification work.

Translated by Fu Zitian,Tian Mengyao
Edited by Fu Zitian,Tian Mengyao
Revised by Zhou Yang


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