Fighting Floods With Love and Care



At noon on July 11, Cao Xiaozhen (fourth from right) served hot meals to residents in Shiyang Village, Xintang Town, Hengdong County.


On July 9, in Xintang Town, Hengdong County, floods have affected eight groups of Cao Xiaozhen's neighbors. 

From that day on, she turned her two-storey house into a temporary shelter, which could afford the accommodation of nine neighboring families and more than 10 people. Her small family grows into a big warm family.


On July 11, Cao Xiaozhen packed bags of emergency relief materials sent by the government for her neighbors.


On July 11, Cao Xiaozhen was busy working cooking for her neighbors in Shiyang Village. 

After half an hour of preparation, two tables of hot meals were almost ready.


On the evening of July 11, Cao Xiaozhen and her neighbors were enjoying a big dinner in the candlelight.

Translated by Yu Zheng
Edited by Tian Mengyao
Revised by Zhou Yang


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