Girl squats 1,000 times and hospitalised after muscles breakdown


Weve all done pretty crazy things while we were teenagers.

Tang, a 19-year-old girl from Chongqing decided to challenge her friend to do as many squats as possible via video call on 10 July to compare who had better stamina.

So they began doing one squat at a time, and eventually, neither of them wanted to give up. They ended up squatting approximately 1,000 TIMES, and Tangs legs felt a little sore right after that. But she thought it was just a normal condition after working out, so she went to work as usual on the next day.

Things took a wrong turn when she woke up on the third day, not only that her legs are unbelievably sore, but they were also unable to bend.

She was alarmed when her urine was tea-coloured. Tang asked her boyfriend to take her to the hospital because she was reminded by her training in the military that having tea-coloured urine indicates problems with the body.

She was then diagnosed with rhabdomyolysis a condition caused by the death of muscle fibres due to muscle injury, and the contents from the dead muscle fibres enter the bloodstream. This condition will then lead to kidney failure and ultimately, death.

Luckily Tang was treated immediately and recovered in the eICU (electronic Intensive Care Unit).

The deputy director of the endocrinology and nephrology department was relieved that Tang was still young. Thus, she could recover better. If this happened to an older person, he or she would have experienced acute and fatal kidney failure.

While still bedridden in the hospital, Tang called her friend who did the challenge, and surprisingly, her friend was also hospitalised for the same condition!


Were glad that both of them turned out fine, but its a lesson for all of us. Dont over-exert our bodies, especially if we arent trained.

Source: https://www.worldofbuzz.com

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