Here is a map for you to enjoy the lotus flowers in Changsha!


In a hot summer, 

in addition to watching the starry sky 

and listening to the cicadas, 

there is an indispensable thing: 

appreciating lotus flowers.

Lets look for the great places to enjoy the summer lotus in Changsha.


Sutuoyuan Lotus Base

This is the largest lotus base in Changsha. Besides the lotus, you can also pick watermelons and cantaloupes here.

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Address: Sutuoyuan, Kaifu district, Changsha

Shaping town

After the summer solstice, the banquet of lotus here is worth enjoying. Lets take a romantic tour of traditional culture.

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Address: Shaping road, Kaifu district

Transportation guide: Drive north along Furong north road to Shenshui wharf, then turn right along Qingzhuhu road to reach Shaping town. Or take the bus 129 to the terminal.


Yuehu park

In July, the lotus flowers in the large park are about to bloom, which would make for a magnificent scene.


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Address: Northwest corner of Wanjiali north road and Sanyi avenue, Kaifu district

Transportation guide: Bus 122, 132, 142, 701, 915, Xingsha 205, etc.


Martyr memorial park

In the park,on the 9000 square meters of water, the lotus flowers in the Nianjiahu lotus pool are gradually into the flowering 



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Address: Yingpan east road Num.85, Kaifu district

Transportation guide: Take bus 113, 136 to the Martyr park north gate.



Meixi lake Taohualing park

Walk along the wooden trestle at the west of the park, or the road at the east, you would see the lotus pool at the west of the reservoir.

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Address: Meixi lake Taohualing park, Yuelu district, Changsha

Translated by Fu Zitian
Edited by Tian Mengyao
Revised by Zhou Yang


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