How to survive in hot summer?






Hot week is coming!

How hot is it?

Have a look and feel the heat!




Yellow alert for high temperature!

July 19, WMO confirmed that in 2019, many countries in the world have passed the hottest June since history!

The Provincial Meteorological Observatory predicts that in the coming week, Hunan's heat will gradually prosper, and some areas still have intermittent rainfall in the early period.

Beginning on the 24th, most areas will encounter 7-day's high temperature, and the highest temperature in some areas can reach 38 C.



Meteorologists reminded that most of Hunan's areas will be occupied by high temperature days in late July. The public should try to reduce the exposure under the sunshine during high temperature hours and prepare well for heatstroke prevention and cooling.

Changsha will continue to become very hot from 22nd to 26th. The daily maximum temperature will rise to 37C, and will rise to 38C on the 27th.


no! no! no !


Everywhere is covered by the hot heat.

So lets go to the South Pole?


We dont have to go to the very distant place this summer,

You can feel the cool in Changsha as well.

Here are seven places we sorted out to keep you cool for a summer.


Qingzhu Lake Forest Park

Qingzhu Lake Forest Park is located in the central area of Qingzhu Ecological Science and Technology Park in Changsha. It is an open-style civic leisure park.


The air is fresh, the content of negative oxygen ions is high, and the annual average temperature is around 17 C.

Address: Near the west gate of Qingchenghu Town, Qingzhuhu Town, Kaifu District


Heimi mountain Forest Park

Heimi mountain Forest Park is the largest and highest altitude forest park in the city.

Address: Within the territory of Qiaoyu Town, Wangcheng District


Dashanchong Forest Park

Dashanchong Forest Park is known as Changsha Jiuzhaigou.


The park is rich in flora and fauna, and there are 430 species of plants. It is called the botanical garden of Changsha County.

Address: In the town of Lukou, east of Changsha County


Wushan Forest Park

Wushan is the first ecological barrier in the south of Dongting Lake. It also has the reputation of the first mountain on the south bank of Dongting.

Address: Wushan Town, Wangcheng District


Lion Rock Forest Park

Lion Rock Forest Park is a comprehensive scenic spot integrating water, mountain, cultural relics, folk customs, meteorological landscape and rich flora and fauna.

Address: Zhushuqiao Reservoir, Qibaoshan Township, Liuyang City


Weishan mountain 


Weishan Mountain drifting is 9 kilometers in length, with a water level drop of 98.5 meters and 21 shoals.There is a 200-meter ultra-long speed slide in Weishan Mountain Drifting, and the drifting time is about one and a half hours.

Address: Within the territory of Huangcai Town, Ningxiang County


Dawei Mountain Canyon Rafting

Dawei Mountain Canyon has the excellent location for rafting. It is located in the south of Dawei Mountain Forest Park, the birthplace of Liuyang River. It has the reputation of the best drifting resort in China.

Address: Longmentan, Huamen, Dawei Mountain Town, Liuyang City

In addition, these tips are essential!





1. Wear cotton clothing, which is good for perspiration.

2. Have some chrysanthemum tea, mung bean soup, plum juice, watermelon, red bean rice, popsicle, etc.

3. Choose the pillow that use feathers or fluffy, and the pillowcase is preferably cottonthe synthetic fiber pillowcase will accumulate heat.

4. Travel for the right time and bring some uv protection products with you. From 11:00 to 12:00 noon, from 1 to 2 in the afternoon, it is the period of strongest ultraviolet radiation every day. Its best not to go out during this time.


Warmly remind

"Great heat" will debut tomorrow, the hottest time is coming!

At 10:50 on July 23, Beijing time, the last solar term in the summer - "Great Summer" officially debut, ushered in the hottest time of the year.The public should pay attention to prevent heat stroke.

After entering the "Great Summer", the "sauna days" with high humidity and high heat will increase, and it is prone to high temperature diseases such as heat stroke.


Don't stay with air conditioners all the time,

Lets go to these places to cool off~

Translated by Fu Zitian
Edited by Fu Zitian, Tian Mengyao
Revised by Zhou Yang


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