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On July 7th, Hunan ushered the day of "slight heat", entounering a new round of heavy storm. On that day, It was raining from the day to night in Changsha, which made many residents who planned to hang out on the weekend temporarily changed their plan.

Many families chose to turn the "outdoor tour" into the "one-day trip in the mall".


In the afternoon of July 7th, the reporter went around many shopping malls near Wuyi square. Though it was raining outside, there were lots of people in the mall. Outside the playgorund in the mall, there were many parents waiting for their kids.

" I checked the weather forecast, kmowing that there will be raining in the next few days." Mr Zhang, a resident of Changsha, told this to the reporter. 

Although there was a bit of coolness in the rainy days, it was inconvenient to go outside. In addition, Mr.Zhang said his home is always vulnerable to mositure during the raining season, so he also purchased a lot of dehumidification tools online, such as desiccants, dehumidifiers and so on.

Weather Report

The Meteorological Observatory of Hunan Province predicts that there will be more rainy days in the next ten days and Hunan will enter into the centralized rainfall season.


There will be three stages of the precipitation. 

From July 7th to July 9th, there will be a strong precipitation from north to south, accompanied by a strong convective weather, such as a short-term heavy precipitation, thunderstorms and etc.;


From July 12th to July 14th,there will still be strong precipitations from north to south. 

Some areas will have heavy rains, and the local areas will encounter strong storms. From July 15th to July 16th, the strong precipitation will develop from south to north.


Specifically, from the afternoon of July 7th to the day of July 8th, Zhangjiajie is cloudy, and there are small or moderate showers on cloudy days in other areas. 

Among them, Changsha, Loudi, Hengyang, Zhuzhou, Xiangtan, Shaoyang, southern Huaihua, and parts of northern Yongzhou will have heavy rains. The local areas of those areas will have strong storms.


From the night of July 8th to the night of July 9th, there are moderate showers or thunderstorms on cloudy days in central Hunan, some of which are heavy rainstorms.  In the local areas, there will be strong storms, and  the other areas will have scattered showers.


From the night of July 9th to the night of July 10th: there will be moderate showers or thunderstroms in the southern part of Hunan. Some areas will have heavy rains; the local areas will encounter heavy storms; other areas will be cloudy.


The Changsha Meteorological Observatory predicts that there will be a strong precipitation  in Changsha from July 7th to July 8th. 

The  amount of the precipitation is 80 to 130 mm, and the amount of that of the local areas is 170 to 220 mm. The strongest precipitation period is from the day to the night on July 7th, with a heavy rain from west to east. Some areas have strong storms. 

The amount of the precipitation of some towns and villages may exceed 200 mm; the process is accompanied by a strong convective weather, such as a short-term heavy precipitation, thunderstorms and strong winds, and the maximum amount of an one-hour rainfall is 50 to 70 mm. Rain zones are maintained in the province from July 9th to July 10th, and there may be a  strong precipitation in Changsha.

Translated by Zhoushiqian
Edited by Tian Mengyao
Revised by Zhou Yang


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