Swimming instructor presses boy underwater because he is naughty


A Chinese swimming instructor has been accused of repeatedly pressing a boy's head underwater because the young learner was naughty.

The child desperately struggled after being submerged in the pool, but the coach ignored the dangerous signs and carried on with the violent behaviour, the boy's mother said.

The parent, known by her surname Su, was observing her son's swimming lesson at a gym when the incident occurred in central China's Henan Province.

Surveillance footage shows an instructor donning a white swimming cap apparently pushing a child's head into water.

The child who was wearing arm rings appeared to be terrified. He tried to cling onto his instructor, but the instructor forcefully shoved the boy away.

'The person in the white cap pressed my child into water three to four times repeatedly,' the mother from Zhengzhou claimed to a reporter.

'He then threw the child towards a lane divider. I rushed over when I saw this,' she added.

Ms Su said she saw her son seemingly crying in the pool, and when she queried him after the class, her son told her more details.

She added that the man was not her son's instructor. She alleged he was an instructor who happened to be in the pool when his son was having his lesson.

She also claimed the incident was witnessed by the coach's supervisor who was at the side of the pool, but the supervisor chose not to take any actions.

The mother later confronted the coach and the gym's management in their office.

The instructor, in his 20s, admitted to his behaviour before adding that his 'bad temper' was to blame.

'My students all know my tempter,' he told the boy's mother.

The gym's manager said the incident was caused by the boy's naughtiness because 'he kept running towards the deep end'.

The boy's family and the gym have reached a settlement over the matter.

The instructor apologised to the family in person and the gym compensated the family 750 yuan. The compensation included a refund of the tuition fees, which amounted to 600 yuan.

Ms Su urged the gym to strengthen their supervision over their staff.

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk

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