The Essential WNIC Guide to Changsha's Hospitals


We hope you find this guide of great use in your quest to find a suitable and good quality hospital in Changsha. Of course, we hope any need for a hospital will at most be minimal and you'll be accident free during your time in Changsha!
But just in case that one shaokao intake hits back or that crazy scooter driver leaves a painful mark, here is our in-depth info on all the public hospitals, addresses, phone numbers and any international departments they may have.
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Hospitals marked  have an international medical service

1. The Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital (NO.8 Hospital)

The Traditional Chinese Medicine hospital of Changsha (The No. 8 hospital of ChangSha) is a large-scale modern comprehensive TCM hospital which integrates medical, firstaid, healthcare, scientific research and teaching. The running mode of  one hospital with three branches is implemented with a total of 1777 beds.

The hospital has several disciplines that have strong leadership. It has more than 30 clinical and medical technology departments. Departments of orthopaedics and pharmacology are the key national specialty, acupuncture and rehabilitation department, anorectal section are key provincial specialities in Hunan. Orthopaedics, neurosurgery department, acupuncture department, anorectal department and emergency department are key municipal specialities in ChangSha. The chest pain and stroke center can provide efficient and standard treatment for patients who have critical cardiovascular or cerebrovascular diseases.

It is equipped with ChangSha county No.120 first aid command and dispatch center. It is mainly responsible for the medical first aid tasks in the east of ChangSha and in ChangSha county.

The hospital has an excellent team of experts, with 2 provincial TCM doctors and 5 municipal TCM doctors, two national senior TCM academic experience inheritance instructors, seven master tutors and 281 doctors with titles.

The hospital is equipped with advanced medical equipments, such as digital subtraction angiography (DSA), 3.0T and 1.5T MRI, 64-slice spiralCT, laparoscopy, EMS lithotripsy system, electronicendoscope and so on.

The hospital strictly follows the hospital policy of to provide full professional care, together with highlighting the characteristics of Traditional Chinese Medicine and building a modern comprehensive hospital of TCM. The hospital also adheres to the tenet that "it is the responsibility of all medical staff to save each person who comes to the hospital treat them with sincerity and care", providing high-quality and professional medical services, ensuring the health for all people.

Address:22 XingSha Road, ChangSha City

Dep. Of International Medicine:0731-85259115 (Chinese)

13907482443 (English)



2. Xiangya Hospital of Central South University

Special departmemts: department of Neurosurgery, General Surgery Department, dermatology department, Rheumatology and Immunology department, department of Neurology.

Address:87 Xiangya Road, ChangSha City

Dep. Of International Medicine: 0731-89752088



3. NO.2 Xiangya Hospital of Central South University

Special departments: Rheumatology and Immunology department, Ophthalmology department, Childrens Medical Center, psychiatry department, Cardiovascular Surgery department.

Address:139 Renmin Middle Road, Changsha City

Phone: 0731-85295888



4. No.3 Xiangya Hospital of Central South University

Special departments:department of Gynaecology, department of Pediatrics, General Surgery Department, Nephrology department, department of Urology.

Address:138 TongZipoRoad, Yuelu District, Changsha City




5. The First Affiliated Hospital of Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

This hospital was founded in 1963. It has 30 clinical and 8 medical technology departments.

Address:95 ShaoShan Middle Road, ChangSha City

Dep. Of International Medicine:0731-85600552


6. The Second Affiliated Hospital of Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

This hospital has 46 clinical departments, department of Anorectal Surgery, dermatology department, Orthopedics department and department of Gynaecology are the key national specialties.

Address: 233 CaiE North Road, ChangSha



7. People's Hospital of Hunan Province

Special departments:Plastic and laser cosmetic Surgery department, Hepatobiliary Surgerydepartment, department of Thyroid Breast Surgery, E.N.T. department, general department of Children emergency.

Address:61JieFang West Road, ChangSha City

Phone: 0731-82278120


8. Hunan Childrens Hospital

This hospital is good at pertussis, infectious mononucleosis, Children with anemia, cephalomeningitis.

Address:86 Ziyuan Road, ChangSha City



9. Hunan Provincial Cancer (Tumour) Hospital

Special departments:department of Medical Oncology, department of Head and neck Surgery, department of female tumor, department of Breast Surgery. This hospitalis good at cervical, lung cancer, tongue cancer, small cell cancer.

Address:283,TongZipoRoad, ChangSha City



10. Brain Hospital of Hunan Province

This, also known as the 'Second hospital of Hunan', was founded in 1950. It has special departments like psychiatry department, drug rehabilitation, department of pain treatment and so on.

Address:427 Third Section of Furong Middle Road (TuJiaChong), ChangSha City

Phone: 0731-85232209



11. ChangSha Central Hospital

Special departments:department of respiratory, Orthopedics department, department of stomatology, department of Urology, dermatology department.

Address:161 ShaoShan Road, ChangSha City.




12. The No.3 Hospital of ChangSha

Special Departments:department of pediatrics, E.N.T. department, Rheumatologydepartment, Respiration department.

Address:176 Laodongwest Road, Tianxin District, ChangSha City

Phone: 0731-85171604


13. The No.1 Hospital of ChangSha

This hospital was founded in 1920.

Special departments: AIDS department, center for liver, department of Pediatrics, department of Gynaecology, department of Neurology.

Address:311 Yingpan Road, ChangSha City



14. The No.4 Hospital of ChangSha

This hospital was founded in 1956. It has 30 clinical departments.

Special departments: ICU, Digestive dept, Endocrine department, Cardiovascular department.

Address:70 LuShan Road, YueLu District, ChangSha City

Phone: 0731-88850522


15. Hunan Provincial Hospital for Maternal & Child Health care
This hospital was founded in 1947.
Special departments:Gynecology department, reproductive center, womens health care department, obstetrics department, pediatrics department.
Address:53 XiangChun Road, ChangSha City.


16. Changsha  Hospital for Maternal & Child Health care
Hospital has established obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics, internal medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, facial features, stomatology, surgery, child health center, assisted reproduction, women's health care, eugenic inheritance, family planning and so on.
Address:416 Chengnan Road(E), ChangSha City.

Hospitals marked  have an international medical service

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