The latest news for Changsha Metro Line 3,5,6



The Metro Line 3 of Changsha is

 expected to get through the entire line


in the end of August.


18 intervals will be through in double lines


23 of the 25 stations 

have already done with their main parts.

Changsha strives hard

 to finish the Metro Line construction 

and do the trial run

on the end of the year.


The reporter has heard from Changsha Metro that 23 of the stations of Metro Line 3 have been completed.

Metro Line 3 is expected to get through the entire line in the end of August.

336.5 25

The first phase of Metro Line 3 of Changsha runs from southwest to northeast with a length of 36.5 kilometers. There are 25 stations in the entire line. The line is able to connect the main city of Changsha with Xingsha.




So far, 95% of the intervals in the entire line of Metro Line 3 have completed. The 18 intervals get through in double lines and 3 of them is through in a single line. In the entire line,the Xiangjiang River Tunnel, which is the most difficult part, has been able to get through in  double lines , and the shield of the entire tunnel is progressing smoothly.


Except for the two stations, Fubuhe and Guangsheng, the other 23 sites of the 25 stations of Metro Line 3 have completed the construction of the main structure. 21 sites have started to install the electromechanical construction.



It is predicted that,

Metro Line 3 is expected 

to get through the entire line 

in the end of August.

And Changsha Metro is trying hard to

Make Metro Line 3 open

on the end of the year.



The latest news for 

Metro Line 5 and Metro Line 6 is coming!


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Metro Line 5:

Metro Line 5 of Changsha has started to construct since the end of 2015. The line runs from the south to the north, with a length of 22.5 kilometers. So far, 18 stations have completed the major construction, and the shields of the line has been open to two-way traffic. 50% of the entire line has been done, starting the electromechanical installation.



6/ /


Metro Line 6:

Metro Line 6 has three parts: the middle part, the east part and the west part. It run through the major city of Changsha and connects the new district of Xiangjiang River of Hunan with Huanghua international airport, with a length of 48.1 kilometers. So far, 6 of the 34 stations has completed the major parts. 25 of them are still in the process of major-part construction. 3 of them are working on wire relocation and traffic problems.

Translated by Zhou Shiqian, Tian Mengyao
Edited by Tian Mengyao
Revised by Zhou Yang


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