Three Apps can buy both bus and subway tickets online



In Changsha, you have to download two apps to take the bus and subway. This is a topic that Changsha citizens have been discussed for a long time.

However, the good news is coming.

Now, the app "Xiangxingyikatong" (which originally can only buy the bus tickets has already added the QR code scanning function for the subway , while the Changsha Metro app(which originally can only take the subway adds QR code scanning function for the bus.

This means from now on, you can buy the online tickes for the bus and the subway in Changsha within one app.




2 apps add new functions

Now, after opening the Xiangxingyikatongapp and clicking the code, there are two options for the bus code and the subway code.


Open the new version of the Changsha Metro app(, the function of Take the bus is at the top of the page, and the QR code will appear immediately after clicking it.




3 apps, which is better?

At present,there are 3 apps provide the service of scanning QR code to take the bus and subway in Changsha, namely Xiangxingyikatong(, Changsha subwayand Hebaozhifu, and the payment is 30% off on taking the bus, 10% off on taking the subway.




Support for Android and IOS systems, but the IOS system does not currently support the subway payment function. You can also deposit the money in the bus card on your phone, if there is account balance, you can also withdrawl your money.


Changsha Metro

Support for Android and IOS systems, but the IOS system does not support the bus payment function for the time being. There is no NFC recharge function, and it cannot be cashed out.



Support for Android and IOS systems, and the only app with a discount of more than 90% on the subway, but the event only lasts until September of this year, only one chance to win the discount per day, and you need to pay 10 yuan of credit at first.

Some citizens said that the QR code of the this app is a little bit slow when downloading.

Translated by Fu Zitian,Tian Mengyao
Edited by Fu Zitian,Tian Mengyao
Revised by Zhou Yang


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