Woman's leg ripped off by escalator after faulty steps collapsed


A shopper's leg was crushed and severed by a moving escalator at a mall in China after metal steps were said to suddenly give way under her feet.

A family member of the victim, reported to be in her 60s, said all of the steps around her had collapsed and 'she had nothing to step on'.  

But other eyewitnesses claimed the victim barged through a barrier onto the staircase when it was being repaired.  

Footage of the accident in Harbin, China, shows the victim, said to be in her 60s, being firmly trapped in a gap of the moving escalator from the wait down. Her relative said a number of metal steps suddenly gave way underneath her feet and she hap nothing to step on

Social media footage shows the woman being firmly trapped in a gap on the escalator from the waist down on Saturday in Harbin's Acheng District in north-eastern China's Heilongjiang Province.

It took firefighters about 30 minutes to free her. 

Her lower left leg had already been severed from the knee by the machinery when she was carried onto a stretcher, reported China News. Her right foot was said to sustain serious injuries.   

Speaking to Pear Video, one man said to be the woman's family member claimed that she and her younger sister were visiting the shopping complex when they got onto the escalator.

The man said the escalator had been operating as normal but the metal steps beneath the victim's feet then buckled, causing her to fall behind the skirting and into the churning mechanism below.

The relative said she tried to climb out but had nothing to step on. 

It took firefighters about 30 minutes to free her. Her lower left leg had already been severed from the knee by the machine when she was carried onto a stretcher, reported Chinese media

However, other eyewitnesses told the news outlet that workmen were testing the escalator when the stubborn woman forced her way onto the steps seconds before the accident occurred. 

An unnamed shopkeeper told local media: 'The escalator was being repaired and there were barriers all around it. She removed the barriers and stepped onto the escalator.

'The escalator had just been repaired and was still being tested.'

Another woman said: 'They were still testing the escalator to see if it was working properly. She just had to get on it.

'The step broke as soon as she stepped on it.'

'She wouldn't be stopped. She refused to listen,' a third woman said.

The victim is said to be in stable condition after undergoing emergency surgery at a local hospital, but it is unclear whether medics will attempt to reattach her severed limb.

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk

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