Fans could sue over that 'young' vlogger who turned out to be 58



Last week, a popular Chinese vlogger known as Your Highness Qiao Biluo" showed her face on live video broadcast for the very first timeunmasking herself as a 58-year-old woman. This came as something of a surprise to her 50,000-plus followers, who had previously worshipped Qiao as a young cute goddess and, in the immediate aftermath of the expos, left the livestream in droves. Now, according to a lawyer, some of them could sue her for fraud.

Qiao had been using a beauty cam filter to make her face look younger, and that the software glitched mid-livestream, exposing her true form la Melisandre from Game of Thrones. New details have since come to light revealing that in fact, Qiaos followers were duped by a series of photographs and short clips she uploaded to the Douyu vlogging platform portraying a young woman, along with her subsequent refusal to show her face during any of her live broadcasts. During last weeks fatal livestream, Qiaos appearance was obscured behind an anime-style cartoon image.

"I can't show my face until I receive gifts worth 100,000 yuan, she insisted. After all, I'm a good-looking host." Then the software glitched, and the mask fell away.

Its a story thats since gone viral around the world: a middle-aged woman masquerading as a young model who is caught red-handed when her software crashes. But however haywire the incident may have appearedand in spite of the schadenfreude it may have elicitedit did wonders for Qiaos fanbase.

In the week or so since the grand reveal, Your Highness Qiao Biluos followers have ballooned from 100,000 to nearly 1 million. Shes reportedly started taking advertisements for beauty cameras, and has announced plans to release a music album. And in yet another twist, she's recently claimed that the alleged slip-up was actually a cunning marketing ploy from the beginninga publicity stunt cooked up by a branding agency whose services she had engaged for 280,000 yuan.

Essentially, Qiao catfished tens of thousands of loyal followers into thinking she was someone she wasnt. In the world of Chinese vlogging, where online celebrities or wanghong attract huge sums of money from legions of loyal fans, thats a lucrative lie to makeand at least one follower allegedly sent more than 100,000 yuan to Your Highness Qiao Biluo based on the false pretense that she was the young, doe-eyed woman she claimed to be.

According to a lawyer, those defrauded fans could now be entitled to claim compensation under Chinas contract law. Jiang Zhimin of Jiangsu Jukai Law Firm told The Paper that Qiaos wilfully deceptive practices amounted to fraud, and those who had been swindled on false pretenses could lodge a claim on that basis. He also noted that the streaming sitein this case Douyushould be responsible for verifying its hosts identities upon registration of new accounts.

Source: https://www.vice.com

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