High temperature warningWeather report of the next ten days...


The strongest hot days 

in the autumn is coming on the way.


Hunan meteorological station issued a yellow alert for high temperature on August 17.

It is expected that most of the sunny, hot and high temperature weather in the province will continue in the next ten days, and the rainfall becomes less than before, but we still need to be careful of the short-term heavy precipitation in part of places.


In the evening of 20th to the daylight of 21st, there are sunny days with cloudy weather. Specifically, there are showers or thundershowers in southern Hunan.

The weather report of next ten days in Changsha

Today's weather in Changsha

When will the weather be cooler?

2019887-15The beginning of Autumn in 2019 is August 8th.And the extremely hot weather will continnue 7 to 15 days after the beginning of Autumn. 
In Hunan, There are at least one month before the weather get cooler. 

So we still have to be very careful 

in the hot weather.


Drink more water 

You can add some salt into the water, to protect you from heat stroke.

Drink more tea

In summer, a cup of tea is a best choice to cool your body and mind.

Drink Green bean soup

Green tea soup is functional for digestion and prevent heat stroke.

Drink more tea with Chinese medicine

Drink more tea with Chiniese medicen, like Chrysanthemum tea, is also very useful.

Source:,worldweatheronlineEdited by Tian Mengyao
Translated by Tian MengyaoRevised by Zhou Yang

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