Teaching Jobs in China (Aug 29)


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Company Name & Description: 

A professional English training centre located in Futian founded in 2003, providing English course to kids age from 4 to 15. We are a legal and licenced training centre, can apply working permit for qualified foreign teachers.

Job Description

Native English-speaking teacher

Students age: 4-15 years old

Class size: 4-12

Class hour: 1.5hrs with 10min break

Offer Location: Futian District, Shenzhen (Yitian metro Station, Line 3)

Days off: 2 days off (Mon. and Tue. off)

Class time: 5pm-830pm(weekday) , 9am- 7pm(weekends)

Payment: 22k-26kRMB/month

Candidate Requirements: 


1. Native speakers, less than 45 years old.

2. At least 1- 2 years English teaching experience in China.

3. Can apply for working permit

4. Reliable, Responsible and active

Education Level Required: 

University Degree

Contact WeChat: 13261159691

Email: [email protected]


International College in foshanguangdong province is looking for native subject teachers to start ASAP

Working hours: out of work on weekends , 40 working hours a week 

Working time8.30am-5.30pm1hour off for lunch

Students age:  G8- G12

Salary and benefits: 13-24k 

Accommodation provided: yes

Provide Z visa if qualified

Contact Email: [email protected]

WeChat: 13261159691

FT teacher needed in a center with High Salary in Shanghai

Location: Minhang district (close to Longbaixincun subway station of line 10)

KidsInternational Primary school kids

Timetwo days off during the week.

Weekdays: 2-8pm weekends: 9am-6pm

The exact working schedule will be told at the interview 

Work load: having class with kids

Doing teaching research with teachers 

Salary: 20-25K after tax


Native speaker who is experienced in teaching

Able to get working visa

If you are interested, please contact wechat: iseesl003 or email: [email protected]

FT kindergarten homeroom teacher needed in Hongqiao area

Work schedule: 8:30AM to 5:00PM, Monday to Friday,

Class size: 20 students

Close to Shuicheng Rd. station of line two

Salary: 18K to 22K after tax

Medical insurance,

Work bonus available

Must be native speaker of English

Experienced in kindergarten teaching 

Able to apply for work visa 

Start no later than August 15th 

If you are interested, please contact wechat: iseeesl002


Kindergarten in Guangzhou is looking for 1 full-time native or non-native English teacher to start ASAP.

Students age: 2-6years old 

Class size: 28 kids per class at most

Working hours: Monday to Friday 8:00am-17:00pm,have a 1.5 hours break in the noom, two days off per week on weekend

Working hours: 40 hours at most every week,Salary: 13-22k / month 

Other benefits:free breakfast and lunch on weekdays 

Free apartment or accomodation allowance

Commercial insurance

Winter and summer holidays paid(winter about 2 weeks,summer about 4weeks )

Contact WeChat: 13261159691 

Email: [email protected]


Training center in Guangdong Zhanjiang is looking for a full-time native or non-native English teacher to start ASAP.

Students age: 3-12years old 

Class size: 12 kids per class at most

Working hours: 12.30pm-8:30pm on weekdays,9am-8.30pm on weekends, two days off per week on weekdays

Working hours: 40 hours at most every week

Salary: 15k / month 

Other benefits:

Single apartment

Contact WeChat: 13261159691 

Email: [email protected]


Kindergartens In Shenyang are recruiting foreign teachers to teach kids. 

The salary can be negotiated. First you have to send a self-introduction video to the wechat ID below. If accepted will be called for an interview via wechat or face to face. 

School will support to provide the work visa. 


Native speakers

good accent and long term experience.

Contact wechat: G-precious


International Daycare Center,at line 6 Qingnianlu station,line 7 Guangqumen station,need 5 English teachers,female preferred,kids 2-3 years old.Salary 15-25k depends on qualification , need to have degree , two years working experience. 

Contact wechat: hiamabbass


Currently Hiring: Preschool Female English Teacher in Guangzhou Panyu

Prerequisite: Native English speaker with a bachelor degree (Preferably education related; TEFL or TESOL)

Salary: 16k-22k with housing (Range may vary due to education and experience)

Working hours: Mon-Fri (8:00-12:00, 14:00-17:00) 

Contact WeChat: 13261159691

Email: [email protected]


Full time English teacher in Shenzhen!

Salary: (15k-20k per month+Bonus )

Work visa: Provide Z visa 

Age Group: Training Center (Class:3-12 year old kids) 

Working Days: 15:00-21:00 on Weekdays with 2 days off; 

8:45-18:00 on Sat and Sun. 

Location: Shenzhen Training Center 

 (Hello, teachers, if you are interested in it, please add my WeChat, thanks a lot)

Contact WeChat: 13261159691

Email: [email protected]


kindergarten is looking for experienced European caucasion English teachers 

location is : Chedaogou on line 10, Guangqumenwai on line 7, Yuquanlu on line 1,

Salary around 15k-18k a month . 

Start ASAP . 

Contact wechat: 65030618


a full-time foreign teacher. Female teachers, Students aged from 3 to 12 can be recruited as soon as possible. Domestic teachers are given priority. Teachers'salaries range from 10K to 15K and need the teacher documents are ready for work visa,accommodation is arranged. 

Contact wechat: laien99


EtonHouse International Pre-SchoolZhuhai is looking for 10 full-time native English teachers to start ASAP.

Students age: 3-6 years old 

Class size: 28 kids per class at most

Working hours: 8:00a.m.-12:00noon2:30p.m.-5:30p.m.from Mon.-Fri.two days off per week on the weekend

Salary: 15-18k/ month

Other benefits

Commercial insurance

Reimbursement of round-trip air ticket

Winter holidays paid(about 2 weeks)& Summer holidays paidabout 2 weeks

Z Visa provided

Contact WeChat: 13261159691

Email: [email protected]


Teaching opportunity in Guangzhou, South China

We are a medium English and Chinese language new and modern kindergarten in Guangzhou, China, and we are seeking 3 foreign English speaking teachers to teach at our school.

Contract dates and times are August 31th 2019 to July 30th 2020, 8:00am to 12:00pm and 2:30 to 5:30pm. 

Applicants must be passionate, energetic, creative, and willing to prepare innovative lessons and assessments for children aged 2 to 6. 

Recommended Requirements:

1Native English Speaker 

2Bachelor Degree in Education

3TEFL/ TESOL certificate


15,000 -20,000 RMB/ month paid of a 10 months contract


1Monthly housing allowance 

2Staff Meal

3Health insurance

4Accident insurance

5Work visa 

6Paid holidays2 weeks

7At least 2 months holidays

Contact WeChat: 13261159691 

Email: [email protected]


Full time or  Weekday Morning  Kindergarten Teachers(With working vsia) Needed from September Near to Tian Tong Yuan North, Line 5; Beijing . 

7:30-5:00PM or 8.30--11.30AM , Monday to Firday. 

Children there 3--6 years old. 

The teacher will be teaching in 8 classes per day , 20-30 minutes a class. 

Experienced   European teachers with good pronunciaiton, working visa  prefered. 

Contact wechat: 15810888620  


A training center in qiandenghu stop from  guangfoline  Foshan is in need of an native speaker.

1. teaching children aged 3-12 

2. time: Saturday 18:30-20:30 pm (2 hours)

3. salary: 160-250RMB/hour

4. bachelar degree


6. more than 2 years working experience

Contact wechat: 18680460205


Training school in hangzhou zhejiang province is looking for native or European english teachers to start asap 

Working hours: 1-2 days off on week days , 40 working hours a week including 25 teaching hours at most

Students age: 2- 12 years old

Salary and benefits:

12-15 k 

Accommodation provided: no

Z visa provided if qualified

Contact Email: [email protected]

WeChat: 13261159691


Haining Dingxin Childrens English Training school is looking for 2 full-time native English teachers to start ASAP.

Students age: 3-12 years old

Class size: 10 kids per class at most

Working hours: 1:30pm-8:30pm on Wed- Fri, 9am-8:30pm on Saturday, 9am 5pm on Sunday, two days off on Monday and Tuesday.

Working hours: 40 hours at most every week, 25 hours for teaching

Salary: below 20000

Other benefits: the same as the Chinese employees

Overwork paid: 150RMB /hour

Single apartment: Yes

Commercial insurance: Yes

Reimbursement of round-trip air tickets: 4000RMB after a year

Materials provided: all the required materials for work visa

Contact Email: [email protected]

WeChat: 13261159691


A training center in Dongguan is in need of a foreign female English teacher.

1. teaching children aged 3-12 

2. 25-40 hours/week

3. salary: 10-15k per month

4. bachelar degree


6. more than 2 years working experience

7. free accommodation

Contact wechat:18680460205


Full time English teacher needed in Guangzhou


Must be 20-40 years old 

Must have TESOL/TEFL certificate 

Must have a BA degree

Must have all the documents for a z visa 

Contact wechat: 18680460205


Training center in Hangzhou is looking for 1full-time native or non-native English teachers to start ASAP.

Students age: 2-15 years old 

Class size: 12 kids per class at most

Working hours: 1pm-7:30pm on weekdays,8am-7:30pm on weekends, two days off per week on weekdays

Working hours: 40 hours at most every week, 25 hours for teaching

Salary: 12-20 k / month 

Other benefits:

Overwork paid

Single apartment

Commercial insurance

Materials provided

Winter holidays paid(about 2 weeks)

Z Visa provided by an agent 

Contact Email: [email protected]

WeChat: 13261159691


Jinhua in Zhejiang Provice

Training center in Jinhua is looking for2 full-time native  English teachers to start ASAP.

Students age: 2-14 years old 

Class size: 12-14 kids per class at most

Working hours: 1:30pm-8:30pm on weekdays,8:30am-6:30pm on weekends, two days off per week on weekdays(Monday-Tuesday)

Working hours: 36 hours at most every week, 20 class.hours.

Salary:18-25k / month 

Other benefits:

.Overwork paid

Extra demo bonus.

.Single apartment

Insurance: Basic Chinese health insurance.

 .Airfare Bonus: Provided once contract is fulfilled USD 1100 (RMB 8,000). 

.Demo class bonus

.Z Visa provided if you are qualified 

Public Holiday: Chinese public holidays off, Christmas and New Year's Day off.

Annual Holiday: 1st year teacher has 3 paid days' annual leave.

Sick Leave: 5 paid days' sick leave.

Contact Email: [email protected]

WeChat: 13261159691


Number of Position:6

Type of school: Kindergarden

Students' age: 3-6 years old

Work Time: 7:30am-12:00am;13:30pm-17:00pm, 5 working days

Monthly Salary: 20000RMB-22000RMB before tax

Contact Wechat: teacher_baiqian


North American Education International Center, a training center located in Minhang District, Shanghai, needs 4 english teachers ASAP


*Natives preferred

*Must be eligible for working visa

*Salary:21k to 30k without accommodation.

Contact Wechat: teacher_baiqian


Job Description: 

1. Work time: 8:00am-4:30pm   

Morning lesson time:3 classes, One and a half hours

After Lunch, 1-hour rest 

Activity time: afternoon one and half hours, from 3:00pm enter into class-4:30pm finish 

other times: Preparation for the lessons and activities 

2. Other responsibilities: our kindergarten will hold some activities, please assume to collaborate with these activities. An example of such opportunities includes big showcase events which celebrate the end of term by performing a production concert for the parents, held at the local university. Another big showcase production happens at the end of the Summer term to celebrate the oldest children graduating with an English production. As you will be asked to provide support and guidance during the rehearsals of these productions, it will be a nice opportunity for you to see the childrens final performance with costumes and music.   

3. Job training: when you come to our kindergarten, we will give you English teaching materials along with information about the relevant themes that you will be using to plan your lessons for the children. There are multiple themes throughout the year which can be flexible and designed with your ideas along with the previous ideas of other foreign teachers at the kindergarten.  

4. when you teach in the class, we will have Chinese teacher assist you. 

5. Support for you: 

Invitation letter 

Work visa 

Health check

Resident permit

Chinese assistant arranged for airport pick up and help to settle down 

Provide you the apartment 

Daily living support: bank accounts, new mobile numbers...

Other qualification: 

English native speaker, pure and clear pronunciation

The individuals who love children, are energetic, kind and with good temper 

Positive attitude, good communication ability 

Experience in preschool education is preferred 

Healthy and no criminal record 

Salary& benefits 

Monthly salary:16000RMB-18000RMB (1824GBP-2052GBP),

Lunch: we provide you lunch. 

Apartment: we will provide you the apartment (good environment) 

Airfare allowance: we provide you 6000RMB 

Health insurance: Chinese social secruity

Contact Email: [email protected]

WeChat: 13261159691


City and Province: Yongkang,Jinhua, Zhejiang 

Schools name: Kiddie English

Type of school: English Training Center 

Age of students: 3-12

Work hour/ days off: 35hrs/2

Class size: 812

Material provided for lessons? Provided

Summer/Winter Vacation: No

Salary per month: 10,000-14000(depends on experience) 

Holiday pay: Public

Flight reimbursement: 5000rmb flight reimbursement

Housing provided? Provided

Visa: Provided

Requirements for job: Love kids, love teaching; Good pronunciation; 1 year teaching experience

About the School/ details: the best training school of the city 

Contact Email: [email protected]

WeChat: 13261159691


Middle School needs two native english teachers in September.


They want teachers with 3-8 years teaching experiences in the primary school

Salary:20k to 30k with free accommodation.

Contact Wechat: teacher_baiqian


A full time kindergarten teacher needed in Qingdao, Shandong Province Accommodation provided. salary 11k-14k it depends on experience.  Monday to Friday, working hrs 8:30-12:00 and in the afternoon from 2:30-4:30


*Natives and non natives accepted

Contact Wechat: teacher_baiqian

Taizhou in Jiangsu province

Training center in Taizhou is looking for a full-time native English teacher to start ASAP.

Students age: 3-12 years old 

Class size: 12 kids per class at most

Working hours: 40 working hrs; from Wednesday to Sunday; 2 days off every week. 25 teaching hrs & 15 office hrs every week

Salary: 12-18k / month 

Other benefits:

Overwork paid

Single apartment

Commercial insurance

5k reimbursement for air ticket

5 holidays paid every year besides official holidays

Z Visa provided if you are qualified

Contact Email: [email protected]

WeChat: 13261159691 


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