To keep her lover, 55-year-old Chinese woman fakes pregnancy


She did it all in the name of love.

But it was nothing to write a love song about because this 55-year-old Chinese woman staged her pregnancy and even kidnapped her grandson to pass him off as her child.

This was all done so she could marry her lover.

It was reported on Thursday (Aug 21) that the woman, identified as Zeng, had an agreement with her lover that should the pair ever have kids, he would be with her.

Zeng was arrested in a rental apartment with her kidnapped grandson. 

Zeng managed to get pregnant but unfortunately, she suffered a miscarriage due to a fall at work.

However, she kept the truth from her lover and put her plan into action instead.

During the course of her fake pregnancy, Zeng padded her stomach with clothes to give the illusion of a pregnant belly. As her 'pregnancy' progressed, she started using pillows instead.

She then took photos of her covered belly and sent them to her lover as proof.

When she had to send photos of her exposed belly, Zeng got creative. She would take a deep breath and artificially expanded her stomach for the photo.

However, she still needed to solve the problem of physically having a kid; so she resorted to kidnapping her grandson during his full month celebration.

Zeng's husband found it odd that both his grandchild and wife disappeared at the same time and suspected that she took him away. He attempted to contact her but to no avail and made a police report.

According to Chinese media, Zeng's husband was aware of her extramarital affair.

Three days after the report was made, the police found Zeng and the missing baby in a rental apartment.

Zeng has been detained and investigations are still ongoing.

Source: https://www.asiaone.com

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