Woman who was abducted reunited with her parents 30 years later


A Chinese woman who was allegedly abducted in the street at the age of three has been reunited with her parents 30 years later to the day.  

Jin Ting, now a mother-of-three, is believed to have been snatched by a stranger while walking to her mother's fruit stall on her own in 1989 in the city of Yingtan in southern China's Jiangxi Province. 

She was not seen or heard from again, leading her devastated parents to start a nation-wide search in the following decades. 

Eyewitness said the girl, nicknamed Ting Ting, was walking and crying in the street on the fateful day before being taken away by a middle-aged man.   

She ended up in a new family in another province some 550 kilometres (341 miles) from her home and has been living there since. 

The woman is now 33 years old and refers to herself as Ping Ping. 

She was reconnected with her long-lost parents in June through Baobeihuijia, a Chinese website specialised in connecting families with their missing members.

The website immediately worked with local police forces to organise a DNA test for them. The result came back last Tuesday and confirmed the two parties were biologically related. 

A reunion ceremony was set up for Ping Ping and her parents on Saturday in Yingtan. 

Ping Ping's father, Jin Guosheng, said her daughter had gone missing exactly 30 years earlier.

He said: 'Exactly 30 years. My daughter was abducted and then returned home on the same date.'

Mr Jin recalled his daughter was taken on the 17th day of the seventh month on the Lunar Calendar in 1989, and her homecoming took place on August 17 which was the 17th day of the seventh month on the Lunar Calendar for this year.  

Mr Jin said he and his wife had travelled to most of the major cities in China in order to find their daughter over the years. 

'We worked wherever we went,' he said. 

The couple's search was ultimately fruitless until their effort caught the attention of a volunteer at Baobeihuijia in March, 2018. 

Staff at the not-for-profit organisation learned that Mr Jin and his wife had already given their DNA samples to the Yingtan police database in 2016. 

Baobeihuijia volunteers also discovered one of the woman in their database who called herself Ping Ping and lived in Putian in Fujian Province, matched the description of the couple's missing daughter.  

Talking about his feelings while receiving the result of the DNA test, Mr Jin said: 'I have not been able to sleep these days [because of excitement], like something was running back and forth in my heart.'

He added: 'My daughter. [She was like] my little down jacket. Gone for 30 years.'  

Ping Ping now has three children and runs a small workshop in Putian. 

Mr Jin said: 'She told us she had a good life, and that her foster parents treated her well.'

He added: 'Blood is thicker than water. We will extend this family bond well.' 

Mr and Mrs Jin said they planned to follow their daughter back to Putian in order to meet her family.

Mr Jin said: 'We will properly thank her foster parents, and their adoptive grandparents, for taking such good care of our daughter.'

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk

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