6 girls share one-night stand horror stories


You meet a guy at a bar and the two of you get on like a house on fire. Before you know it, you guys are tearing each other's clothes off and slipping under the sheets, and in a perfect world, you'll be texting your girlfriends about the "amazing f**k" you had the morning after.

But as we know by now, things go wrong sometimes, which means not all one-night stands are worth staying up for. We got six girls to share their one-night stand horror stories.

I wouldnt say it was the worst thing that could have happened, but he fell asleep halfway through. Granted, we were both quite drunk, but I went home with him because I wanted my itch scratched. He didnt remember much the next day though and I decided to not talk about it.  Si Jie, 25

I went home with a guy I met at a club. He was really cute and we also got on quite well, so the attraction wasnt just physical. The sex was great and I think wed have hung out more after that night if not for that he actually had a girlfriend. I only found out because I saw toiletries for women in his bathroom and asked him about them. I left soon after.  Nicole, 27

I hooked up with a guy and all seemed normal until midway through, when he asked to be fingered in the a**. He also asked that I use three fingers. He was very specific.  Hui Ling, 24

The sex was OK but his breath really stank, so I kept turning away whenever he tried making out during the process. I must say that I never wanted anything to end sooner.  Mel, 24

He insisted that I stay the night and that hell send me home in the morning. The next day, I got dressed in my clothes that still reeked of alcohol and cigarettes when I found out he lives with his parents. I then had breakfast with them and it was like a scene in a movie with a dysfunctional family. It was super weird.  Samantha, 25

I met a guy on a dating website and we hit it off immediately, so when I asked him back to my place, he was happy to oblige. We did the deed and all was good until he pulled out, but not before leaving the condom behind. I couldnt get it out and spent ages trying to extract it. Thankfully, I eventually did, because I was going to have to use a pair of tweezers. Needless to say, things got really awkward between us after.  Chloe, 29

Source: https://www.bangkokpost.com

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