Condom deliveryman in China sued over pregnancy


A woman from Suzhou province in China has blamed a condom deliveryman who arrived eight minutes later than promised and is suing him for 30,000 yuan, reported China Press.

The woman, known as Su, had ordered condoms from an online delivery service last month which promised to deliver them under 20 minutes.

However, after taking a shower, she received a message saying that due to the adverse weather, the delivery could be slightly late. Unable to endure a minute longer, Su and her boyfriend had sex. The condoms arrived in 28 minutes but the two had already finished.

Earlier this month, Su discovered she was pregnant and is now suing the deliveryman.

"If he had delivered on time, this would not have happened," she said.

Su is asking for compensation for medical costs and the cost of bearing a foetus to term.

Source: THE STAR

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