The 4th New Hunan Short Film Competition Is Here!

This project is not organised by WNIC

The 4th New Hunan Short Film Competition is calling for submissions

The 4th New Hunan Short Film Competition

Competition Theme: Beautiful China

Submission Timeline: From Now until October 15, 2019

Submission Requirements

The film competition is open to all film genres and encourages the submission of various genres including: documentary, animation, drama, action, and other forms of story-telling.

Content of film submissions should not contain any R-rated content including violence and pornography.

Length of film submission must not exceed 20 minutes.

Submission Format

.wmv, .avi, .mov, .rmvb, .mp4, .mpeg, .mkv, in 1080P or higher resolution.

Submission Method

Mail in USB or disc to the following address in Changsha, Hunan: 5 (Please note USB or disc will not be returned).

Email video file or link to: [email protected], with subject heading: Film Name + Contact Name + Phone Number.

Email Baidu Cloud link to [email protected] with subject heading: Film Name + Contact Name + Phone Number.

Contact Information

Telephone: 18674811704/18774016188

Contact Person: Ms. He Na/Ms. Tan Li Na

Media Platforms

Television Platforms:Hunan TV International, CANADA NATIONAL TV.

Online/Social Media Platforms:Mango TV, Tencent Video, Red Network, Hunan TV public Wechat account, Facebook, Twitter, Worlds Eyes on Hunan public Wechat account, and New Hunan Short Film Competition public Wechat account.

Competition Awards and Prizes

Best Film Award (5 minutes in length)20,000 yuan

Best Short Award (1 minute in length) 10,000 yuan

Best Documentary Award 8000 yuan

Best Director Award 8000 yuan

Best Screenplay Award 8000 yuan

Most Popular Film Award 8000 yuan

Best Visual Effects Award 5000 yuan

Creativity Film Award 5000 yuan

Most Potential Award (3) (University Film Students) 5000 yuan each

Outstanding Film Award (6) 2000 yuan each

Outstanding Film by Group/Organization (4) 3000 yuan

International Film Submissions Category Awards

Most Popular Award 5000 yuan

Creativity Award 5000 yuan

Outstanding Award 5000 yuan

What are you waiting for? Come and contribute!

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