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On October 1st, from 20:30 to 20:50, a National Day fireworks show will be held in the Orange Island Fireworks Square,Changsha. The theme of the show is "Ode to the Autumn ---- Me and My Motherland", which will lasts for 20 minutes.

Time: 20:30-20:50, October 1

Venue: Fireworks Square, Orange Isle

Theme: Ode to AutumnMy Motherland and Me

101 20:3020:50

In order to ensure the safety of the fireworks show, Changsha Traffic Police will take control and diversion measures in a timely manner based.

1. 10119:0022:00

For Hedong area, the core limited zone is from the Baisha Intersection of Xiangjiang Road to Renmin Road, and from Shuyuan Intersection of Xihu Road to the Xiangjiang Intersection of Laodong Road. 

On Xiangjiang Road, Check points will be set at Renmin Intersection, Laodong Intersection, Xihu Intersection, Baisha intersection and Xihu road Shuyuan Intersection. In Hexi area, from the Taozihu Intersection to the Rongwan Intersection of Xiaoxiang Avenue will be the core limited zone. 

From 19:00 to 22:00 on October 1st, a current limiting measure will be implemented to restrict the public vehicles into the core limited zone.


No-parking measure will be subject to stricter. Police will strengthen the control of the measure on Xiangjiang Avenue from Zhongshan Intersection to the eastern and western auxiliary road of Laodong Intersection, and Xiaoxiang Avenue from Pailou Intersection of to the Rongwan Intersection.


Patrol management will be strengthened. Police will strengthen the control of pedestrians and non-motor vehicles or stopping the vehicle on the road.

4 150021:0040

Buses will be arranged to help pedestrians go across the river. On the day of the fireworks show, the Orange Island Bridge sidewalk will be restricted from 15:00 to 21:00 and no pedestrians are allowed to enter the bridge in the time period. 

In order to facilitate pedestrians crossing the bridge, the city tourism bureau rents 40 buses for pedestrians crossing. The boarding points are located at the east and west sides of the Orange Island subway station, the front of the Quanji Hotel and the southern ramp of the east side of Orange Island Bridge.


Technology early warning will be implanted. Changsha traffic police have cooperated with Gaode map and using the road condition information release function to s\n

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