We pay you to get a high pay teaching job in China!


Have you ever dreamed of being paid instead of paying to find a teaching job in China?

Now, your dream comes true - we pay to help you find a high pay teaching job in China!    

Let's tell you why you should com to us for a teaching job in China.

  1. We now help recruit ESL teachers for about 2,000 schools in China (see the following screenshot). Our clients always compete fiercely for good teachers - therefore, you always get a job paying much more than you expected.

    We have a South African teacher who initially expected 14k, but finally she gets a job paying 21k plus housing after 23 interviews within two days (each online interview lasts 5-10 minutes).

    Screenshot of five groups for our clients

  2. You do not have to pay a penny to get a high pay teaching job, and moreover, we pay the qualified teachers to help them find a great job here across China! 

    For native teachers, you are automatically qualified to get paid 3,500 RMB when you are successfully employed (Please be noted that native countries recognized by China government are mainly referring to: the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa and Jamaica);

    For non native teachers, you need to be qualified to get paid 1,500 RMB: 1) hold a bachelor or above degree; and 2) have at least 2-year working experience. In addition, we need to review your documents judging your accent, your experience, etc.

The whole procedure is as follows:

  1. Send us your intro video and CV (In addition, send us some teaching videos if you have);

  2. We send out your documents to our clients;

  3. We arrange interviews at the request of the schools interested who meet the candidate's expectation like desired cities, expected salary and school type.

  4. The schools will send out offers to the candidate if they are satisfied with the interview.

  5. The candidate will compare various offers and determine which offer to take.

  6. The candidate will sign the offer and send back to the school together with photocopy of passport.

  7. The school will stamp the signed offer and send back to the teacher.

  8. The school will send the teacher a checklist of required documents for applying for work visa.

  9. The teacher will arrive at the school to start teaching on the date agreed on by both the school and the teacher.

  10. We will pay the commission (3,500 and 1,500 RMB for native and  non native, respectively) to the teacher one month after the teacher starts the job because we have a warrant of one month for the school.

Any teachers interested in our program, please add WeChat: 18115908751 or scan the following QR code


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