Woman shocked while seeing aborted daughter coming back to life


A woman in China who had her unborn baby aborted at 34 weeks has been shocked to see the girl suddenly starting to cry in front of her.

The heavily pregnant woman from Beijing decided to terminate her pregnancy after being told her foetus was deformed.

The potentially risky procedure was approved by the authorities and surgeons declared the abortion a success.

The woman, Hu, told the hospital she wanted to say good-bye to the remains of her aborted child, but was stunned when the girl cried out loud at the ceremony.

The incident took place in March, 2016. It was revealed in a court document recently released by Beijing No. 2 Intermediate People's Court.

Hu and her husband, Gao, have filed lawsuits against the hospital, claiming their baby survived unexpectedly and they now have to look after the disabled girl. 

According to the court, Hu's foetus was found to have a potential cerebral abnormality at 26 weeks during an ultra-sound scan.

Hu and her husband then visited a number of major hospitals to seek a second opinion. 

The woman decided not to keep the baby after being told she was deformed 

All hospital gave the same diagnosis: their unborn baby had Joubert Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder caused by a deformity in the brain.  

The court said the couple decided not to keep the baby due to her malformation.

There is no law to prevent a heavily pregnant woman from terminating her pregnancy in China as long as she could obtain an abortion permission from her company or her residential committee. Approval would be granted if she could prove her foetus is seriously deformed.

Surgeons at Peking University People's Hospital performed the abortion for Hu with the help of a drug called ethacridine lactate.

The medicine is often used in late-term abortions and has an estimated success rate of 80 per cent.

Surgeons injected the drug into Hu and confirmed that the foetus had had no heartbeat before carrying out the termination. They then told Hu the medical procedure was successful.

Hu and her family requested to see the remains of the foetus about 20 minutes after the operation as a way of bidding farewell. 

They were surprised when the seemingly lifeless body started to cry. 

The court paper said Hu and her family took the baby home afterwards.

Hu and her husband brought Peking University People's Hospital to court in 2017, demanded a 1.22 million yuan payout.  

The couple deemed the survival of their daughter a medical accident and said they had to look after a disabled child. 

They claimed that the hospital should cover medical bills for their daughter and provide compensation for the family. 

They also accused the hospital of falsifying medical records.

The court ruled against Hu and Gao after the first trial. The judge said the hospital's documents were comprehensive and authentic and that the survival of the child was an extremely rare case. Therefore, the hospital should not be held responsible.

The couple appealed against the decision.

In a second trial, the judge agreed with the initial ruling but ordered the hospital to pay 50,000 yuan to Hu and Gao as compensation on compassionate grounds. The decision was announced to the public in last month. 

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk

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