Catch some outstanding Italian art for FREE at IFS (Now-Oct. 31)

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Venue: L7 Art Gallery, Changsha International Finance Square (IFS)

Ticket: free 

The Tutte le strade Sino-Italian Contemporary Art Exhibition opened at the Changsha International Finance Square (IFS) on September 27.

Guests and artists attending the opening ceremony.

The exhibition is co-sponsored by the Changsha Municipal Peoples Government, the Changsha IFS, and the Association for International Cultural Exchange and Development. It was undertaken by Changsha Niccolo Hotel and Sino-Italian Design Exchange Center; and supported by the Florence government.

The exhibition displays 57 art works by 18 outstanding Chinese and Italian artists, including installation works, oil paintings, ink paintings, photographic works and even original manuscripts. Among them, 23 Italian works are on their debuts in China.

The exhibition features:
-Chinese artists ink paintings on golden xuanzhi (traditional rice paper), which are inspired by Beethovens Eighth Symphony and Mozarts Turkish March.
-Italian artists multi-skill works Speaking Mountains, which are inspired by Chinese characters.

An artist guides a guest to view the exhibition. 


The curator Yan Laichao introduces the exhibition to children.

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