Chinese teacher punishes students by forcing them to eat trash


A boarding school teacher in China has been detained after allegedly forcing four pupils to eat rubbish because they had failed to empty the bin in their dorm room.

The students were told to swallow paper, plastic wrappings and fruit shells in the primary school in Zhoukou, Henan Province, accused parents.

The school's headmaster and deputy headmaster have been sacked.

The incident took place last month at Shuiquan Primary School in Zhoukou's Fugou County.

It came to light after an 11-year-old pupil had been admitted to the hospital due to stomachache.

The boy said the teacher, known as Jiang, visited his dorm room on September 7 and discovered the bin had not been emptied.

'He asked who was responsible to clean [the room] that day, and we were all too scared and nobody dared to answer,' the pupil, known as Ling Ling, told a reporter from his hospital ward.

'Then he said if nobody would speak, each one of us must eat one piece of rubbish in turn until the trash was gone,' he added.

The teacher then left the dormitory.

Fearing that they would be punished further, the pupils followed the teacher's order and ate the garbage.

Surveillance footage released by Chinese media shows a number of students lining outside their dorm room after the teacher gave the order.

Apart from Ling Ling, his roommates were also found to have rubbish in their stomachs after undergoing medical checkups.

One parent told the reporter his child had suffered from stomach ulcers after eating two pieces of plastic the size of nails.

One teacher from the school, known as Luo, defended Jiang and said he had not forced his pupils to eat rubbish.

'He simply made the comment because he was angry,' Luo told the reporter.

Jiang discovered that several pupils had really eaten the waste the next day and the school arranged all pupils to undergo physical examinations, according to Luo.

One of the four pupils had to change schools after suffering from physical and mental stress due to the incident; and another had to be transferred to a hospital in the provincial capital to continue treatment.

The local education bureau launched an investigation into the school after receiving complaints from parents on September 10.

The authority deemed that Jiang had poor conduct and the school had management issues.

'Jiang would have had 100 ways to deal with the matter, but he chose the one that he should have avoided the most,' a spokesperson said.

The school's headmaster and deputy headmaster were fired on the same day.

Jiang was detained on September 11.

The school was given 60 days to rectify its problems.

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk

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