Chinese tourist shot dead by boyfriend in Thailand


A female Chinese tourist died on Oct 8 from a gunshot wound in the chest after the gun, held by her boyfriend, went off, according to a police report after receiving a call from Nakornthon Hospital.

The two were identified as Zhan Anting, 23, and her boyfriend, Zeng Ventao, 53.

An investigation found that Wichai Mamee-Kittikhun, vice-president of Thai-China Commercial and Industry Trade association, a friend of two Chinese tourists and the gun owner, went to meet a businessman and his friends at a Chinese restaurant in Pratumwan area.

After the meeting at about 9pm, he offered a ride home to the two tourists who were also present at the meeting.

Wichai stopped and got out of the car on the way to relieve himself. He rushed back to his car when hearing a loud gunshot where he found Zheng holding the Glock 9mm handgun, hidden by Wichai in his car, and Zhan covered in blood.

Wichai then rushed Zhan to the hospital but doctors failed to save her.

Police have now gathered the evidence and will file a charge against Zeng, after finding out the exact location where the incident occurred.


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