Man inserts 28 magnetic balls into his penis during a dream


A man in China has had 28 magnetic beads stuck in his bladder after inserting them into his genitals. 

The 58-year-old claimed he could not recall sticking the metal balls into his privates, according to reports. 

He told doctors he was dreaming when the incident happened. 

The middle-aged man reportedly put the popular toy into himself on Saturday. 

He initially refused to seek medical attention. 

'He thought he could pass them, but one day went by and he failed to do so,' said Dr Yin Chuanmin from Daxing Hospital in the city of Xi'an. 

'What's worse, he had trouble urinating, so he immediately came to us,' he explained to Shaanxi TV.

Dr Yin said that at first the patient claimed to have put just one bead into his urethra.

However, after an X-ray scan, the medic was surprised to see 'a string of balls'. He said the tiny orbs had entered the patient's bladder and bundled up. 

Images show the beads had attracted each other and grouped inside the patient.  

Dr Yin said the objects were two millimetres wide each and magnetic.

Surgeons have been removed the colourful beads from the man through microsurgery. They pulled them out from his genitalia using a magnetic ring.

The man is said to be recovering well.

Dr Yin said the patient could have suffered serious bladder perforation or bladder infection. 

'We have previously received patients who inserted wooden sticks, pen caps and infusion tubes into their urethra,' he said.

The medic warned the public against such behaviour.  

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk

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