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10 14 , 2019-2020

On October 14, China Southern Airlines Hunan Branch, with Xiamen Airlines Hunan branch and Sichuan Airlines Changsha business department, held a product promotion conference for the winter and spring aviation season 2019-2020. 

They promoted the new routes and related products for the winter and spring aviation season in Hunan together .


China Southern Airlines: 5 new routes added

2019 68 56 12 48 9 5 4 2

In winter and spring of 2019, China Southern Airlines has 68 departure points in Hunan, including 56 domestic and 12 international  destiniations, which involves 48 from Changsha, 9 from Zhangjiajie, 5 from Changde, 4 from Hengyang and 2 from Yueyang.

- - - - - - - - - - -  4
During the winter and spring flight season, Changsha to  Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and other major lines have basically no changes in flight number, departure time, holding period, and aircraft type, etc. 
Changsha to Nanning, Taizhou, Macao, Lijiang and Chongqing to Yueyang to Xiamen are the new routes in winter and spring. Changsha to Changchun, Sanya and Guiyang are the newly densified flights. There are four routes, Changsha to Nairobi, Changsha to Qianjiang to Chengdu, Zhengzhou to Zhangjiajie to Guilin and Changsha to Nagoya, are newly opened in this summer and autumn season and continue to fly in winter and spring.

Xiamen Airlines: new route from Changsha to Shanghai Hongqiao

16 41 1 27 250 - 4 -
In winter and spring season,there are 41 departure routes from Changsha, 1 from Hengyang, covering 27 destinations, and more than 250 round-trip flights from Beijing, Xi'an, Taipei and other cities per week in Xiamen Airlines. Among them, Changsha Mianyang, Luzhou, Huai'an and Lianyungang are indep\n

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