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The most beautiful pictures of "Falling in love with Hunan" (development achievements)

The pictures come from the organizing committee of "Falling in love with Hunan".



The highest building in Changsha IFS

Changsha,on both sides of xiangjiang river,is magnificent under the sunset.

The beautiful night landscape in Changsha.

The highway through the mountains.


Dongxin expressway.At present, every county in Hunan has connected to the express way, realised the "4-hour economic circle" which centered Changsha.

Wugang civil airport is open to traffic.


Changsha huanghua international airport, has opened 102 international and domestic routes.


Changsha xingang wharf.The large numbers of containers are ready to shipment.

Zhuzhou high-tech industrial development zone.

Lianyuan special steel are ready to enter the countries which involved in One Belt And One Road strategy.

The great Wuqiangxi Water Conservancy project in Yuanling couty.

The world's first large-scale live-action musical "The fox fairy in Tianmen mountain".

The drone show in Orange Isle on Chinese valentine's day "Qixi".

Citizens can experience the beauty of meixi lake international culture and art center.

The freight train from Changsha to Tehran

The green tea in Weishan.

The gorgeous scenery in Jinggang Ancient Town.

The Wingsuit pilots take the challenge in Tianmen mountain.

This is Hunan!

The achievements of development are amazing!




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