Austrian is sacked and kicked out of China for racist comments


An Austrian scientific worker has been fired and expelled from China after making derogatory comments against the country's citizens online.

The man, a former employee of Chinese Academy of Sciences, made a series of offensive statements, including one that referred Chinese people as 'dirty yellow guys talking trash all day long', according to screenshots released by state media.  

The foreign worker's was sacked by the state-run institute yesterday. Beijing's immigration authority then curtailed the worker's visa and ordered him to leave the country. 

The series of demeaning messages were posted by the man on LinkedIn, a website to help people build professional networks.

In one of the disrespectful posts, he said he was not racist, adding '[I] just don't like dirty yellow guys, talking trash all day long, who cares about your leaders, we are here to make money and you need us. Without us to begin with you would still wear rice heads'.

In another note, the man wrote that 'Europe as [sic] bench mark which China will never reach' before labelling the Chinese 'not smart enough' and 'inbreeding for too long'.  

Apparently married to a Chinese wife, the foreign worker praised his son for being 'a mix of European Caucasian and Asien [sic] Chinese blood' and said 'nature strives for genetic variances'.

In a third message, he claimed that Chinese women preferred European men because 'we treat them better, pleasure them better, smoke and drink less'.

He added that European men 'in general take better care about our physical attributes, have in general high education and do not oppress [women]'.

He concluded his the thread by calling Chinese men 'disgusting like a virus' and accused them of 'sh****** [on] toilet walls' and 'destroying relics wherever they visit'.

Screenshots of the man's posts as well as his social media profile were shared by China Central Television Station on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent to Twitter, today.

He has been identified as Mark A. Kolars by Beijing's Exit and Entry Administration of the Public Security Bureau. 

The man then went on to explain why he thought Chinese women preferred European men

Mr Kolars concluded his insulting thread by calling Chinese men 'disgusting like a virus'

Mr Kolars was a visual effects designer at the academy's Institute of Automation in Beijing.

The institute said it launched an investigation after discovering Mr Kolars's comments on social media.

'The institute expresses extreme shock and indignation at the wrong attitude of the foreign employee and condemns [it] severely,' the institute stated on Weibo on Tuesday.

'Obeying law and regulations of our country and respecting the Chinese culture are the primary requirements of our institute when it comes to employing staff.'

The institute announced yesterday on Weibo that it had terminated Mr Kolars's contract.

Beijing's Exit and Entry Administration of the Public Security Bureau today said it had revoked Mr Kolars's rights to remain in the country and demanded he leave 'within a time limit'.

A spokesperson at the bureau reminded all foreign workers in China to 'obey Chinese law and respect the Chinese culture and history'. 

Kolars reportedly issued an apology on LinkedIn on Tuesday.

He said he had posted several messages that were 'inappropriate and racist in nature and hurt the feelings of my Chinese friends and colleagues', according to South China Morning Post.

He was also quoted saying: 'I am very sorry. I am very sorry to my family and friends, and I am willing to take all responsibilities for everything that happened.'

Kolars's LinkedIn profile has apparently been taken down.

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk

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