Chinese man born with 14 toes lived with deformity for decades


A man born with 14 toes lived with the deformity for decades because his parents thought it was good luck.

The 21-year-old patient, named only as Ajun, said the four extra toes on his left foot had caused him so much stigma he stopped wearing sandals when he was 10.

Ajun, of Lufeng City in South Chinas Guangdong Province, also said he had been too embarrassed to ask a girl on a date.

He told doctors that his parents were immediately aware of his condition as soon as he was born, but they refused to let doctors operate on him.

Ajun said his family sought the advice of a fortune teller instead, believing that his extra toes were a gift from the heavens that should not be removed.

He said: They were superstitious, so they didnt deal with it. They thought if it really looked too bad, I could just cover it with my shoes.


Seeking a reversal of fortune, Ajun sought out expert advice at Shunde Heping Surgical Hospital in the city of Foshan.

His doctor, Wu Xiang, said: Its very rare to see such a serious deformity having not been treated in a 21-year-old patient.

Doctor Wu added: Other hospitals wouldve just removed his outermost extra toes. That wouldve been the easiest solution, but it wouldnt look the best.

His most natural looking toe is on the outside, so we decided to migrate it inwards to its most ideal position, replacing his fifth digit and creating a new big toe.


Doctor Wu and his team spent nine hours in surgery to create Ajuns new left foot.

The young man revealed he was pleased with the results.

He said: I stopped wearing sandals outside since my third year of primary school.

Ive never had a girlfriend because Im so imperfect. I never thought Id find anyone who wants to be with me.

Now I feel great. Im very grateful to Doctor Wu Xiang.

I think my foot is perfect. He showed me pictures of my foot after surgery, and Im very happy.

Ajun is continuing his recovery at the hospital and is expected to be discharged in the coming weeks.

Doctor Wu said: For children born with deformities, its best for them to be examined three months after birth.

Surgery can happen as early as one year old, but no later than six years old. Basically any time before they start school is fine.

This is better for the childs psychological wellbeing, but earlier operations also lead to better recovery results.

Source: https://www.news.com.au

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