Sorry, I'm a reporter!


Sorry, I'm a reporter!

For my parents:

Dear dad and mom, 

I'm so sorry I have to running around all day 

because of my busy works. 

Especially on holidays, I'm busier than others. 

I haven't been home to reunion with our family 

for a long time.

For my lovers:

I am so sorry! 

Sometimes I have to work 

from early morning to late night. 

I can not take a break even for a while.

The burden of our family 

is mostly on your shoulders. 

When I get retired,

I promise I'll do all the housework!

For my kids:

I am so sorry!

You didn't wake up 

when I left in the morning as usual,  

and you're fall asleep 

when I come back at late night. 

I don't even have a chance 

to go to your parents' meeting. 

But please believe that I still love you the most!

For my  fri\n

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