Woman is conned by best female friend posing as her ex-boyfriend


A woman in China has been devastated after discovering that her boyfriend of eight years was actually posed by her best female friend who has lured her to fork over more than 500,000 yuan over the years.

The 32-year-old victim, named by police as Yi Yi, claimed to have been in a long-distance relationship with a sailor named A Feng.

Yi Yi said she and A Feng were very much in love and she had given the man all her savings, however they had never met in real life or talked to each other on the phone due to A Feng's work.

The victim (in white) went to police for help after her so-called boyfriend forced her to transfer money to him. She said they had been in a relationship for eight years, but had never met

Yi Yi claimed that A Feng had lived abroad for five years without coming home once. 

She explained that they had never called each other because A Feng told her he was not allowed to make phone calls or having video chats while working on his boat.

She said A Feng had esophageal cancer and heart diseases, therefore she had give him more than 500,000 yuan to undergo treatment.

The woman was expecting A Feng to be transferred back to China so they could finally get married.

But last month, she was informed by A Feng that he was gravely ill and was in need of the funds to get treatment.

She went to the local police station for help. 

She cried as she told officers that she could not afford to help A Feng.

After Yi Yi provided A Feng's bank details to the police, officers soon tracked down the man who owned the account. 

The man, who is indeed called A Feng, claimed he was not a sailor but he was introduced to a girl called Yi Yi eight years ago as a potential date. 

'But every time when I invited her out on a date, she always declined or said she was ill,' he told a reporter from criminal news programme Oriental 100 which followed the story.

Meanwhile, a man called A Feng (pictured) told police he had a girlfriend of eight years whom he had never met. Police discovered both victims had a neutral friend, who could be the key

Police achieved a breakthrough of the case after noticing Yi Yi and A Feng had a mutual friend named Xiao Lei.

It turns out that Yi Yi and A Feng had been introduced by Xiao Lei who thought they could make a good couple. 

They pair talked to each other for a while and decided to become girlfriend and boyfriend, but shortly after they broke up after an argument. 

That was when Xiao Lei started to contact Yi Yi, posing as A Feng, and begged her to resume the relationship.

Xiao Lei did the same with A Feng, and therefore kept two fake relationships running at the same time.

Xiao Lei (pictured) confessed that she had managed to run two fake relationships with his friends for money. She contacted Yi Yi posing as A Feng and wooed A Feng, posing as Yi Yi

Xiao Lei would take pictures of A Feng from the man's social media account and send them to Yi Yi while telling the love-struck woman that he had to spend a long time overseas because of his job.

In a raid to Xiao Lei's home, police officers found a mobile phone which was used by the suspect to contact both victims. 

The suspect has confessed to her guilt to the police. 

She claimed to have used the money provided by Yi Yi to cover her debt.  

Xiao Lei has been detained on suspicion of fraud.  

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk

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