Woman to donate her extra kidney after discovering she has 3


A woman from Xinyu, Jiangxi Province discovered that she had three kidneys during a check-up with a doctor.

The woman complained of frequent trips to the bathroom and pain in her waist in the morning.


She said that she experienced trouble sleeping, with only five to six hours of sleep every night.

An X-ray during her examination revealed that the woman had an extra kidney. Upon learning this, she laughed and said, I can donate one to anyone who wants it.

It turns out the woman had a condition known as duplex kidneys.

In the duplex kidney condition, the kidney forms in two, duplicate parts with separate ureter tubes, as well as a separate blood supply, Urology Associates said. In about half of duplex kidney cases, both kidneys are affected with the duplicate ureter and blood supply.

This condition only affects 1% of the human population and typically causes no harm to the patient and requires no treatment. However, if complications arise, doctors may perform surgery on the patient.

Source: https://nextshark.com

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