12/27: Joe Wong Stand Up Comedian Live in Changsha

WNIC is proud to represent Joe Wong and a warm up comedy show at the Red Lion Pub on Friday 12/27

*See separate info for the warm up show*

Even though Joe Wong has had plenty of success in the notoriously tough American standup scene, when he returned home his wife scoffed at how soft he'd become. 

The Jilin born comedian and his wife were bargaining with a street vendor in Beijing, where Wong had moved to host the TV show ?/Is That for Real? 

After a successful standup career in America that included appearances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and The Late Show with David Letterman along with a performance at the Radio and Television Correspondents' Association Dinner with none other than then Vice President Joe Biden in the audience. 

After all that he was back in Beijing, dealing with a vendor charging him RMB 80 for some vegetables. Wongs wife attempted the time honoured Chinese practice of bargaining, fibbing about only have RMB 50 in her pocket. After she said that, I immediately just said Ok, Ive got it, and handed over the RMB 80, Wong recalls with a chuckle, during a phone interview with the Beijinger before his standup set at Cheers Gulou. He adds: After I handed over the money, my wife snapped at me: How could you forget?  - TheBeijinger

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