| Aizhai Bridge won Luban Award



Good news came from the China Construction Industry Science and Technology Innovation and 2018-2019 Luban Award (National Quality Project) Awards Conference held in Beijing today 

the Aizhai bridge constructed by Hunan Road and Bridge Group won the Luban Award.


The Luban Award is the highest award for the quality of construction projects in China, and is known as the "Oscar Award" of the Chinese construction industry.

The award of the Aizhai Bridge is not only a full affirmation of the project's engineering quality and technological level, but also an embodiment of the construction ability of Hunan Road and Bridge Group. 

Up to now, Hunan Road and Bridge Group has won 5 Luban Awards, 2 National Quality Engineering Gold Awards, and 8 Zhan Tianyou Awards.


Aizhai Bridge is a controlled project of the Jishou-Chadong Highway. The construction started in October 2007 and was opened to traffic in March 2012. The Bridge spans the Aizhai Grand Canyon over 355 meters, creating four "world firsts": the span between the two towers of the bridge is 1176 meters, which is the biggest span in the world; the first structural design scheme with completely separated towers and beams; the first time a rock anchored sling structure is used, and carbon fiber is used as the prestressed t\n

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