E-tickets will be fully applied in all Hunan railway stations



The Spring Festival travel rush will start on January 10, 2020.

On December,3Changsha south railway station of the high-speed railway (HSR) announced  that the e-ticket system at all HSR stations in Hunan province are under commissioning test .It is estimated to be fully applied by the start of next years Spring Festival travel.

At that time,all high - speed railway station will carry out electronic tickets in Hunan province.In other words, the station will no longer provides paper tickets, and passengers can enter and exit the station by scan their faces and ID cards.


What is an e-ticket?

At present, passengers taking high-speed trains in our province can either choose to get paper tickets, or choose not to get paper tickets and go without paper.

In other words, passengers can choose to scan their faces and hold their ID cards to pass through the security check, or they can choose to pass through the gate with a blue magnetic ticket.Passengers with red paper tickets are required to pass through an artificial gate.


After the implementation 

of e-tickets,

how to take the 

high-speed train?

It is reported that after the implementation of electronic tickets, there are four major changes.

One is the way to buy the tickets. The railway station will no longer issue paper tickets, and passengers' mobile phones will get ticket information.

For passengers who buy tickets at station windows, kiosks or agency, the railway will provide a ticket information sheet similar to a supermarket shopping list.Passengers who purchase tickets through the Internet can print or download the ticket information sheet according to their needs.


The second is the way to take the train.Passengers only need to scan their ID card and face to get into the entrance and exit of the station. The railway will no longer provide the function of entering and exiting the gate with a blue magnetic ticket.If there are personnel to check the ticket on the train, passengers only need show a valid identification.

Third is the way of reimbursement.Passengers can print electronic ticket reimbursement vouchers on station ticket window, automatic ticket machine with valid identification.

Most stations have set up automatic ticket collection machines at the exit, allowing passengers to obtain reimbursement vouchers when they leave the station.


Four is the way to cancel or change the tickets.Electronic tickets purchased by passengers via Internet phone can be rescheduled or refunded through 12306.cn, APP or designated window of the station.

If the passenger has printed the reimbursement voucher, he/she should go to the designated window of the station to handle the formalities of ticket alteration and refund.

After the implementation of e-tickets, railway authorities will continue to maintain traditional tickets channels to meet the needs of elderly passengers.People can go to the station ticket window or nearby ticket agency, to buy the e-tickets through face-to-face communication.




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