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Changsha, a very popular city on the internet,

is surrounded by a lot of delicious food

and colorful snacks.

The Hunan dishes and snacks are especially

the most remarkable brand 

of Changsha.



Stinky Tofu, Deep-Fried Dishes,

crawfish,sugar and oil cake, Sexy Tea

the local snacks 

are everywhere on the streets.

Some tourists may ask that,

where can we find the most of the snacks?

Then you can not miss 

Taiping Street and Pozi Street.

The night life in Changsha 

is also worth experiencing,

you can try out the midnight snack, 

and enjoy the night look in Changsha.

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On December 23, Pozi street and Taiping street were awarded the must-eat domestic streets on the Chinese version yelp "Dazhongdianping". At the launching ceremony, the Meituan dianping group and Changsha bureau of commerce signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

At the same time, it also signed the night economic cooperation framework agreement with Tianxin district bureau of commerce to help changsha build a "24-hour city".


In July this year, Dazhongdianping released its list of the best restaurants to eat in 2019. There are 27 restaurants in Changsha, six of which are located in Taiping street and Pozi street, indicating that these two streets are worthy of the name.

Pozi street's Sijie rice noodle shop, Black classic stinky tofu on Pozi street , super Wenheyou on Pozi street Hisense plaza ...are all on the list.A total of 38 must-eat streets were selected from 30 cities across the country.

Changsha is one of the few cities with two must-eat streets.





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