Godfrey Gao's death sparks criticism of unprofessional first-aid


Two weeks have passed since Godfrey Gao's abrupt and unfortunate passing on-set but two footages capturing the moment the star collapsed and the subsequent rescue attempt have recently surfaced.

One of the clips, posted onto Weibo on Dec 12, shows the live recording taken from the crew tent. In it, 35-year-old Gao was running while the commentator narrated: "Godfrey Gao is increasing his speed but oh! He seems to have reached his limit!"

The camera then cut to a shot of the actor lying on a flower bed as several celebrity guests passed him by. The commentator and crew alike could even be heard laughing.

In the second clip, also uploaded on the same day, the guests surrounded Godfrey as someone administered CPR. Throughout the entire 30 seconds, no further medical assistance was provided and the ambulance was nowhere in sight.

After the clips went viral, several netizens pointed out that the CPR was actually administered wrongly the compression rate was too slow. In addition, netizens found the entire rescue attempt rough and unprofessional without a defibrillator or an ambulance on standby.

"He's already lying on the flower bed but no one went to check on him. They're even laughing." 

"As a medical student, I can responsibly say: Is this CPR compression rate for real? What kind of strength and body angle is that? Is this really a professional? He didn't even administer ventilation after 30 compressions. I have nothing to say. How can this save anybody?" 

"Which professional would administer emergency resuscitation on a flower bed?" 

"There's no ambulance nearby at all. Is saving someone's life child's play?" 

"1. The compression-to-ventilation ratio in CPR is 30:2. In the video, you can see him pressing 48 times before administering air. 2. The compression rate was too slow, it should be 100-120 compressions a minute." 

Zhejiang Television previously uploaded a statement citing that medical help was administered on the spot before the actor was rushed to the hospital.

Godfrey's mother later shared an official statement through his agency pleading netizens to stop sharing images and videos of the incident to "give the bereaved some time to resolve their grief."

"We have been deeply touched by everyone's love and concern during this trying time. Godfrey will bid goodbye to everyone on the 15th. We sincerely hope that during this time, everyone can send him their blessings with love and warmth," the statement reads.

"Please stop sharing hurtful words and footages from that day to allow the bereaved some time to resolve our grief! Once again, thank you everyone for your concern and blessings."

Source: https://www.bangkokpost.com

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