Hunan will soon have the first local airline


Hunan will soon have the first local airline

Hunan Air Travel.

According to the Provincial Airport Management Group, the enterprise name of Yunnan Air Travel Co., Ltd. has recently been changed to Hunan Air Travel Co., Ltd., and the business license registration has been completed in Hunan. After the approval process of civil aviation industry is completed, Air Travel airline will become the first local airline in Hunan Province.

Before that, Air Travel airline was mainly engaged in domestic air passenger and cargo transportation business. And its main operation base is located in Kunming Changshui International Airport. After Air Travel aviation settled in Hunan, it will take Changsha Huanghua International Airport as its main operation base.


This year, Hunan has accelerated the construction of Changsha's "4-hour Aviation Economic Circle". Changsha Huanghua International Airport has become the airport with the largest number of routes and the highest flight density in central China to Southeast Asian countries, and is accelerating the construction of a regional international aviation hub.




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