| Metro line 5 will open for trial operation



Near the new year,

Changsha subway construction brings

 good news to the public!

At present, Changsha metro line 5 is under construction,

and about to open for trial operation.


Changsha metro line 5 is the north-south backbone line, passing through Changsha county, Kaifu district, Furong district, Yuhua district and Tianxin district successively from north to south.


The first phase of the project is from Shuiduhe station to Maozhutang station, with a total length of 22.5km and 18 stations, including 7 transfer stations.

Detailed information





It is worth mentioning that after the successful application of the first permanent magnetic system train on Changsha metro line 1, which opened the "permanent magnetic era" of domestic urban rail transit, the permanent magnetic system was loaded on the whole line of metro line 5, making it the first urban rail transit line in China to adopt permanent magnetic system for the whole line.

Trains with permanent magnetic system always have the advantages of high efficiency, high power density, strong overload capacity, low noise and other significant advantages, and all the equipment producted in the province of Hunan.

The first-use technology on Changsha metro line 5


In addition, for the first time, Changsha metro is equipped with a status monitoring system for several key subsystems.It can timely understand and deal with the real-time fault diagnosis status of the key subsystem of the vehicle to ensure the safety of the vehicle.

The 1080P on-board video monitoring system is also adopted for the first time to improve the resolution of the camera and system performance, which can effectively improve the level of vehicle security.

The display screen of full-glass mirror on the high-speed rail was configured at both \n

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