Norwey has best quality of life, China ranks 85th & India 129th


Norwegians have the best quality of life in the world, followed by the Swiss and the Irish, with the UK and US taking 15th and 16th, according to the UN. 

The annual Human Development Index rankings are calculated using three categories: health, education and income.

The highest life expectancy at birth was in Hong Kong at 85-years-old, the autonomous city came fifth on the list overall while China was in 85th. 

Australia took the top spot for expected years of schooling, with 22 years but came sixth overall. Germany had the highest average years of schooling, 14 years, and came fourth overall.

Norway has a life expectancy of 82-years-old, excellent education figures and a gross national income per head of  51,700 (pictured: Oslo City Hall from Aker Brygge Marina)

Ireland has a life expectancy at birth of 82-years-old and a gross national income per head of 42,300 (pictured: the harbour of Cobh, County Cork)

Leading in the wealth category was Qatar, with a gross national income of 83,600 per head. 

In the UK, life expectancy at birth is 81-years-old, expected years of schooling children is 17, the average years of schooling for adult is 13 and the gross income per head 30,000.

In the US, life expectancy was slightly lower at 79-years-old, expected years of schooling, 16, mean years of schooling, 13 and the gross income beating the UK by a clear margin with 42,600 per head.

But the report found that Brits and Americans often underestimate inequality.

One survey of US citizens found that people believed the top 20 percent were earning 59 percent of the total wealth but the actual figure is in fact 84 percent.

At the bottom end, the Central African Republic had the lowest life expectancy at birth at 53-years-old.

Expected years of schooling was just five years in South Sudan, and the mean years of schooling in Burkina Faso was just shy of two years.

The gross national income per head was the lowest in Burundi, with an average of just 500. 

Switzerland has a life expectancy of 84-years-old and a gross national income per capita of 45,100 (pictured: Basel city centre)

Health is assessed using life expectancy at birth, education is measured by the average years of schooling for adults and the expected years of schooling for children of school entering age.

Finally the standard of living is measured by the gross national income per capita.

This year's report said protest movements around the world had been fuelled by growing inequality, despite the great strides over poverty, disease and hunger.

It claims that fissures are opening up around education, technology and climate change, in a 'seismic shift' which could bring a 'new great divergence' in society not seen since the Industrial Revolution.

'Different triggers are bringing people onto the streets - the cost of a train ticket, the price of petrol, demands for political freedoms, the pursuit of fairness and justice.' Achim Steiner, a report administrator, said. 

The report argues that what used to be luxuries, like rapid internet and a university education, are becoming essential to success, which further drives a wedge between the poorest and wealthiest in society. 

2019 Human Development Index Ranking 

1. Norway

2. Switzerland

3. Ireland

4. Germany

5. Hong Kong

6. Australia

6. Iceland

8. Sweden

9. Singapore

10. Netherlands

11. Denmark

12. Finland

13. Canada

14. New Zealand

15. United Kingdom

16. United States

17. Belgium

18. Liechtenstein

19. Japan

20. Austria 


29. Italy

36. Saudi Arabia 

49. Russia 

59. Turkey 

85. China 

129. India

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk

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