Top 20 Changsha card holders get a completely free ticket to the auto show

WNIC has has teamed up with the official organisers of the 2019 Changsha Auto Show to bring you official ticket channel th  Rough Changsha the WNIC Card

The new Changsha Card Mini Program is here!

Great new jobs at WNIC and its partner companies:



All the following jobs are suited for young, energetic and ambitious people with good English skills and who live in Changsha. Individuals should have a flexible work schedule and have an interest in helping Changsha become more international. Intern jobs last 6 months.



Job: 1

Position: Changsha Card &ChangshaSocialMarketing Staff

Type: Intern or Part Time

Description: This person will find and create new business partnerships to promote the Changsha Card and Changsha Social mini programmes. The main tasks include maintaining and updating the online system (special IT skills are not needed for this and training will be given), contacting other companies to create business partnerships and setting up offline events at places (such as in shopping malls) in Changsha. You will receive a basic salary and a sales commission. You will be required to work 2-3 days per week at our office and attend all staff meetings. There may be requirement to travel to meetings. Good English is required.



Job: 2

Position: Changsha Card & ChangshaSocial Sales Staff

Type: Intern or Part Time

Description: Individuals will promote and sell the Changsha Card product to the public or find new opportunities to generate more sales. This position is completely commission based and there is no basic salary. The job would suit someone seeking a second income or who is looking for an exciting new challenge. Some travel may be needed to secure deals and sales. You will mostly communicate in Chinese. No requirement to know English. There is no need to work in our office but you will need to attend some meetings on a regular basis.


Job: 3

Position: WNIC Business Office Staff

Type: Intern or Part Time

Description: The individual will assist in the writing and research of WNIC articles, contact and set up meetings with new businesses and assist in the organising of city events and parties. A good communicative and professional approach is needed as is a good level of English and business Chinese. This job may require you to attend meetings at various times of the week as well as attend the occasional WNIC event which you will have set up. In this job you will work closely with the CEO and act as an advisor. You will also need to do some basic tasks such as ordering taobao items, create simple posters, replying to emails and so on.

Job: 4

Position: UKHG Business Networking Staff

Type: Intern or Part Time

Description: The individual will be mainly responsible for contacting new business partners in both Hunan and UK as well as across China. The main aim will be to secure business agreements which generate income for the company as well as attend any local meetings. There is the opportunity for business travel to the UK and across China. This person will be joining a very special and exciting project which could become full time if the company grows rapidly. We therefore need a special person who is passionate, can think in a business way, is a good communicator and has ideas about how to successfully create more business opportunities. The person must be good at English and have good business Chinese. Finally, basic office tasks, such as phone calling, replying to emails and so on are needed.


Job: 5

Position: Industry-Specific Sales Staff (2)

Type: Intern or Part Time

Description: We are looking for 1 or 2 staff who will promote various foreign products and services to businesses in Hunan. You will be given your own project to manage and develop. These vacancies will require good English and you should spend 1-2 days per week at our office. Basic knowledge of IT and how to make simple posters and PPT is needed. The most important task is to generate sales by contacting and promoting the brand to businesses although special sales staff could be hired later to undertake this task. This position has a basic salary but a sales commission is also included. There is good potential for increased salary if your performance is good.


Job: 6

Position: WNIC Charity Staff

Type: Voluntary

Description: This person will mainly contact and set up charity activities and events between WNIC and local charities and NGOs. The person should have good English (perfect English is not needed) and be good at communicating and organising events. They should also have a natural care for charities (nature, children, animals and so on). There is the possibility for some rewards if some income is generated but this is not the man focus as we want to help all local charities. No office work is needed but attending some meetings is necessary. This would suit someone who feels like they want to help the world in their free time.


Please contact [email protected](in English unless you are applying for sales Job 2 where English is not necessary at all).

[email protected]

Please note the following jobs do not offer social security as they are all either temporary or part time. However, they can be made into long term full time positions after the probation period.


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