Teaching Jobs in China (Dec 11)


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Training center in kunshan is looking for 5 full-time native or non-native English teachers to start ASAP.

Students age: 2-14 years old 

Class size: 12 kids per class at most

Working hours: 2pm-8:30pm on weekdays,830am-6:30pm on weekends, two days off per week on weekdays

Working hours: 40 hours at most every week, 25 hours for teaching

Salary: 12-22k / month 

Other benefits:

Overwork paid

Single apartment

Winter holidays paid(about 2 weeks)

Z Visa provided if you are qualified 

Contact WeChat: 13261159691

Email: [email protected]


Job title: English teacher

Job type: Full time

One chain training center is looking for native or European English teachers in Taixing city,Jiangsu  province to start ASAP.

Kids age3-12 years old

Class size:10 kids

English lessons 3-12 students per class with music, English,art and drama.

Working Time: 1:30pm-8:30pm 

Mon and Tue off 

Salary: 20,000 RMB/month AFTER TAX 

Proper Working visa provided (if qualified)

Paid national legal holidays

Single apartment provided

Contract length: One year 

Reimbursement for train tickets in China

Contact WeChat: 13261159691

Email: [email protected]

FT training school English teacher needed in Beijing

Location:there are more than 10 centers in Beijing 

Work schedule: Weekdays 5:30pm-830pm ,Weekend 9:00-20:30   (2 days off during weekdays )

Students age: from  5 to 16

Class size:up to 10

Salary: Native 14-28k

Allowance :4,000 RMB monthly housing allowance

4000 RMB contract completion bonus

6000 RMB flight allowance on completion of contract

 Annual Salary Increase

National holidays plus 14 paid personal leave

Health insurance provided


Native only.

Experienced in teaching kids 

work visa provided

Able to start since January1st .2020

If you are interested in this job, please add wechat: iseeesl002

FT job in a center asap

Location: Jinshan district, shanghai  

Working Time: 

4 weekly days:14:30-20:30 weekend 8:30-19:00  Maximum  25 teaching hours per week

Student: 3-12 years old /max 12 students a group

Salary and benefit:

* RMB 12000-18000 to hands for Full time English Teacher position

* Work permit provided (If all documents are qualified), we could offer teacher working visa for qualified candidate 


* Nationality: Native English teacher are preferred, or non-native teacher with a good accent 

Meet requirement with work visa.

If you are interested in this job, please add wechat: iseesl003

Wuxi Jiangyin

Training center in Jiangyin is looking for 1 full-time native or non-native English teachers.

Students age: 3-6 years old 

Class size: 12 kids per class at most

Working hours: 1pm-8:30pm on weekdays,9am-5:30pm on weekends, two days off per week on weekdays

Working hours: 40 hours at most every week, 25 hours for teaching

Salary: 10-12K/month              

Other benefits:

Single apartment

Winter holidays paid(about 2 weeks)

Contact WeChat: 13261159691

Email: [email protected]


Training center in Jiangsu is looking for 10 full-time native English teachers to start ASAP.

Students age: 3-13 years old 

Class size: 12 kids per class at most

Working hours: 10am-8:00pm on weekdays,9am-6pm on weekends, two days off per week on weekdays

Working hours: 40 hours at most every week, 25 hours for teaching

Salary: 16-20k/ month 

Other benefits:

Overwork paid

accommodation provided

medical insurance

Materials provided

Z Visa provided if you are qualified 

Contact WeChat: 13261159691

Email: [email protected]


Type of School:Kindergarten

Schedule:weekend off or 2 days off on week days,40 working hours

Students age:2.5-6years old

Class size:15-18

Teaching hours: 25-30teaching hours

Salary:20-25K RMB

Other benefits:

1.Free accommodation or 1-2K housing allowance

2.public holiday

3.Free insurance

4.working visa provided

5.one round trip air ticket /year

6.a Chinese assistant in class 


1.Native speakers from USA,Canada only

2.Bachelor Degree or above;

3.At least 1 years teaching experience with reference


5.Eligible for working visa

Contact wechat: 16601844359


working for schools directly,Kids English training school offers .

good salary 13-18k plus free accomodation and provide company work visa

Europeans ,South Africans South Americans and Native speakers are preferred.

Contact wechat: dukekingalex


a reputable training center in pinghu city

 is looking for foreign teachers to teach kids from 3-12, max

25 class hours a week, 15 office hours, salary is 13-23k for native, free apartment or 1000 housing allowance, native speaker only and working visa as English teacher is a must. 

Contact WeChat: 13261159691

Email: [email protected]


Qidong education institute is looking for two full-time English teachers and hopes to start work as soon as possible.

Student age: 5-14

Class size: up to 12 students per class

Working hours: teaching about 17 hours per week, currently 14 hours

Salary: 15

Other benefits: free meals at the facility

Get paid for overtime

Single apartment

Commercial insurance

Paid winter vacation (about 2 weeks)

Z visa provided if you are eligible

Contact WeChat: 13261159691

Email: [email protected]


We are looking for: 1 native English teacher for our private kindergarten

Student ages: 2-6 years old

Working time: 8:00am-11:30am/1:00pm-5:00pm Monday-Friday

Required teacher qualifications: Bachelor degree or above

120 hours TESOL/TEFL, non criminal record required

Plan and prepare lessons, communicate with assistant teacher

Good professional performance and creative thinking, dedicated, hard-working, presentable and responsible

Salary: 25,000 RMB-26,000 RMB before tax Per month

Benefits: Fully paid for winter and summer holiday 

All public holidays fully paid including Christmas paid vacation

High-end medical insurance

8,000RMB reimbursement for flight upon successful completion of contract

Annual travel stipend

Category B Educational Working Z Visa provided

Contact wechat: Eternitique


English Teaching Position in Beijing 

Type: kindergarten

Salary: RMB 13000-15000 non native

20000-23000 native

Working Hours: 40hrs/week


1. Native speaker preferred/ non-native with good accent

2. Tefl or tesol certified.

3. Bachelor degree and above.

4. Qualified for working visa


House Allowance RMB2000

Flight allowance RMB5000

Contact wechat: 13910691982


We are looking for Native English Speakers who are qualified for work visa in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province


1. BA degree or above

2. TEFL / TESOL , or other teaching related docs

3. More than 2 years teaching experience

Start Date: Dec. 

Salary: 12,000 - 16,000 RMB / month after tax 

2 days off on weekdays,Mon-Fri 2pm-9pm,Sat&Sun 9am-6pm

40 office hours including 22 teaching hours

Bonus can up to 1000RMB/month

Paid residence permit and sponsoned foreign experts teaching license;Paid medical check and health insurance in China;Long-term professional career plan-free Chinese Language class for international teachers;Ongoing team building activities organized by FT Dept;1-2 times paid domestic or oversea traveling each year,birthday welfare and monthly benefit;Apartment rental etc.

Contract: One year  

Contact Email: [email protected]

WeChat: 13261159691


 Job description

Job title: ESL Teacher;

Working Location: Nanning City, Guangxi Province;

Student Level: 4-12 year old, kindergarten & Primary school pupils oral English;

40 hours per week over 6 days (Teaching hours are mostly weekends and evenings.)

Working hours per week: 40 hours (30 Classes + non-teaching); each class is 40 minutes long;

3. Benefits Package:

Monthly Salary: 18,000 20,000RMB/M (before tax);

Housing Benefit: School provides apartment, if foreign teachers dont need, provides 2000RMB/month housing allowance;

Perfect Attendance Bonus: 1000RMB/month;

Contract Renewal Bonus: 6000RMB/year;

5 Days Paid Vacation Per Year;

4. Requirements:

Native English speaker only;

Bachelors or Masters degree and majored in education preferred; or at least 2 years related experience with reference letter; or TEFOL/TEFL certified;

Certificate of Absence of Criminal Records

FBI (All Clean);

Contact WeChat: 13261159691

Email: [email protected]


Early Childhood Education Center

Kids 1-3 years old

9-6pm Mon.-Fri.

Employer prefer female English native speakers

Work visa only

20-27k without accommodation

Contact wechat: 18513964199


International school ESL teachers

Primary-Middle-High school ESL

8am-5pm Mon-Fri.

20-25 classes per week

Native English speakers only

Working visa only

Salary from 20-26k

Free accommodation

Contact wechat: 18513964199


Training center in Shanghai is looking for 1 full-time native or non-native English teachers to start ASAP.

Students age: 3-12 years old 

Class size: 8 kids per class maximum

Working hours:  two weekdays off per week Working hours: 40 hours at most every week

Salary: 15-22k / month 

Other benefits:

Commercial insurance

5000 thousand bonus if renew the contract the next year

10 paid annual leaves

Z Visa provided if you are qualified

Contact WeChat: 13261159691 

Email: 15201086152[email protected]




1.Prepare and carry out lessons.

2.Follow student academic performance.

3.Lesson planning and preparation as well as curriculum


4.Participating in the centers social program including

explaining the program to potential customers.

5.Participating in promotional and marketing activities

organized by the center.

6.Professional communication with students and


7.Establish and maintain cogent working relationships

with center manager.

8.Other tasks assigned by kindergarten principal.


1.Native English Speaker. 

2.Bachelor's Degree(Master's Degree preferred).

3.With at least 1 year teaching experience required

(preschool or after school program preferred).

4.TEFL/TESOL/ELL/CELTA certificate preferred.

5.Be patient,careful,supportive,Enjoy with kids and

6.40 working hours per week,flexible work shifts,Max

20 teaching hours per week.


1.Salary:16,000-25,000RMB per month

2.Annual bonus after one year's contract based on work

attitude,attendance,monthly performance and

especially the annual achievement.

3.Full Attendance Bonus.

Contact WeChat: 13261159691

Email: [email protected]


Training center. Any visa  

Long time job   

salary 11k-15k . Apartment  

Need TEFL or TESOL . Some experience   

active. ASAP.

Contact wechat: cjx9800


Full time kindergarten work

Address: Gongshu District, Hangzhou

Salary: 15k-25k

Accommodation: provide accommodation or housing subsidy

Workinghours: Monday to Friday

Requirements: kindergarten teaching experience, teol or TEFL

Contact wechat: jessica58760g



Prepare and carry out lessons as assigned by the Teaching Director (TD) Correct, record and administer the results of quizzes, tests, assessments and progress report for students

Communicate students' progress and action plans with parents via phone and parent-teacher


Assist in the placement testing and interviewing for new students enrollment

Carry out/assist academic/marketing events including demo lessons, parent academy and

Backpack Bear's clubs (ENGLISH POINT's Extra-Curriculum Activities)

Attend teacher training presentations and workshops for own development

Substitute for absent colleagues, perhaps at short notice, on or off-site


Hold a Bachelor Degree, plus a National Teacher Certificate or TEFL/CELTA certificate

Major in English, English Education, TESOL, Applied Linguistics or relevant area(Preferred)

Command excellent communicative skills in English with TEM8/IELTS7 or above

Enjoy being with kids & teens and passionate about education and culture industry

Have over 2 years ELT experience to kids & teens (Preferred)

Must work on weekends and other TD assigned slots

English Point - is a leading brand in the fast growing and promising ESL market of kids & teens.

We provide first class quality teaching and services to learners from 2.5-12 years old and we truly

value people who are passionate about English education for children and skillful of doing their


Contact WeChat: 13261159691

Email: [email protected]


Job title: English teacher

Job type: Full time 


Kids training center in QingPu ()District , Shanghai is looking for full time Native or European English teacher to start asap.

Prefer female teachers

Students age: 3-12 years old

Working hours: Mon , Tue off ; Wed -Fri 2:00pm-8:30pm; On weekends 8:30am-6:00pm 

15 teaching hours at most/week + office hours 

Salary: 12,000-18,000 RMB monthly will depend on the teachers skills

Chinese national holidays off

Teaching materials provided 

Z visa provided if the teacher is qualified for it 


Contact Email: [email protected]

WeChat: 13261159691


Full time training center work

Address: near Wangjing subway station, Beijing

Salary: 12k-16k

Accommodation: housing allowance

Working hours: Wednesday to Sunday

Requirement: female teacher

Contact wechat: jessica58760g


full time training center work

Salary: 12k-13k

Accommodation: single apartment

Workinghours: Wednesday to Sunday

Requirements: English language degree and TESOL or TEFL, female teacher

Start as soon as possible. 

Contact wechat: jessica58760g


Job type: Full time

One training center in Putuo Disctrict, Shanghai is looking for European English teachers to start asap

Students' age: 2-7 years old

Work hours: three weekdays 13:00-20:30; weekends 8:30-18:30 (two days off on weekdays) 


BA or above

Kids teaching experience 

Salary and benefits:                     

16,000 - 20,000 RMB/month 

5 days with paid per year

Teaching materials provided

Contact WeChat: 13261159691 

Email: [email protected]


Job type: Full time

One training center in Zhoupu Disctrict, Shanghai is looking for native or European English teachers to start asap

Students' age: 3-9 years old

Class size: 10 students 

Work hours: three weekdays 15:30-19:50; weekends 9:00-18:00 or 11:00-20:00 (two days off on weekdays)

80 teaching hours at most/month,  45mins/class


BA or above (authenticated)

Non criminal record (authenticated)

2 years work experience after getting BA

Salary and benefits: 

15,5000 - 20,000 RMB/month (raising salary by every 6 months)

Medical insurance after probation

Contract length: 2 years

Teaching materials provided

Work visa provided if qualified

Contact WeChat: 13261159691

Email: [email protected]


Full time training center

Salary: 11k-14k,

Accommodation: provide housing subsidies,

Visa: provide work visa,

Working hours: Wednesday to Sunday,

Student age: 8-Adult

Requirements: start as soon as possible, female teacher,

Contact wechat: jessica58760g


ESL Teachers Needed

Age Group: 5-12 years old

Total Hours: 40hrs/wk MAX

Class size: 15 students w/ TA

Days Off: Weekends 

Benefits: Paid Holidays

Native Salary: 19k - 30k

Non Salary: 13k - 18k

Housing: Free Apartment 

Visa: We provide Z visa

Contact wechat: vipchinateacher 


Daycare center in Beijing is looking for 1 full-time native or non-native English teachers to start ASAP.

Students age: 1-4 years old 

Class size: 5-15 kids per class 

Working hours: 8am-17:00pm on weekdays, two days off per week on weekend

Working hours: 40 hours at most every week.

Salary: 15-22k / month 

Other benefits:

Overwork paid

Single apartment

Commercial insurance

Reimbursement of round-trip air tickets

Materials provided

Winter holidays paid(about 2 weeks)

Z Visa provided if you are qualified 

Contact WeChat: 13261159691

Email: [email protected]


Numerous Native English teachers Needed


We prefer having Native speakers from UK,USA, NZ, AUS,CAN,SA,IL. 

And other teachers from Europe 

Benefits: Chinese legal holidays and annual holidays

Work visa provided

Free accommodation

Working hour: Less than 40H a week

Plus other benefits.

REQUIERMENT: Bachelor degrees above,fluent English speaking ,GOOD ACCENT.Love kids

Contact wechat: 17628095485

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