What's Changsha like in tourists' eyes? |


What's Changsha like in tourists' eyes?

Changsha is surrounded by 

the atmosphere of happiness.


Changsha is a center of popular TV shows

and a famous "factory" of making stars.

For example,

Hunan Satellite TV producted many hot TV shows.

And you will absorb the happiness 

when you live in Changsha.


Changsha is beautiful

Yuelu moutain with red maple leaves,like a piece of masterpiece.

Aiwan Pavillion is also an "Internret celebrity" because of the glamarous Ginkgo leaves and red maple leaves.


Yuelu Academy

Orange Isle

Du Fu PavilionAlso the best spot to view the fireworks in Changsha

The window of the world

Hunan First Normal College

Hunan provincial museum

Taiping Street

Changsha food is so delicious!

Snacks in Changsha are various

also very attractive.

Changsha rice noodles 

are one of the most popular 

food you can not miss!




The popular milk tea promoted the 

developement of tourism in Changsha.

And you should try a lot of snacks,

like sugar oil cake and cold dish.



And spicy shrimp, stinky Tofu,

spicy chicken and so on.

There are so many famous snacks

in Changsha

that worth visiting 100 times!

Changsha is unique,both your body can have a rest in the daily life,and your soul will be deeply immersed in the happy atmosphere.Changsha is a city that you will hope to stay forever.




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