Where are the most beautiful girls in China?


China is the most populous country on Earth. We know this, but do you ever think about just HOW MANY people China holds? An infographic I found that shows this well is a map on Wikipedia. Its a map of China, showing the provinces represented by flags of European countries. Each province has a similar population to a country in Europe. Plus China is roughly the size of the USA. These people are spread out over a very diverse area.  

Now, although over 91% of Chinese people are Han Chinese, within this vast populace, there are clear differences in the way people look. For example, in the North (North of the Yellow River), the people (who grow wheat), are famously much taller than their rice growing cousins in the South.

Before I go on, let me just tell you what I am not discussing here.

Why do Western men find Chinese women beautiful? 

What makes a woman beautiful? (silly question)

Should you count her body in a womans beauty? Is beauty only to do with a womans face?

Have Western ideas of beauty affected Chinese peoples ideas or likes? 

Do Chinese people have their own type when it comes to beauty? 

Im not going to talk about the above questions here. But, for now, I will make a list of areas FAMOUS in China for their beautiful women (famous amongst Chinese people - men and women).

If you ask Chinese people where the most beautiful women are in China, they instantly say one of a few places.

1) Chongqing

This is a huge metropolis which is growing fast. Situated in the central and Western part of China, it is far away from the bustling Eastern coast. The reasons Chinese people give for the famed beauty of women from Chongqing are the geography, climate and the diet. Chongqing is often referred to as a mountain city. There are steep hills all around the city, cloaked in greenery. When you look around in Chongqing, you see the skyscrapers, trains weaving through them on their elevated sky rails. Youll also see hills. Many hills. 

When I was in Chongqing once, whenever I asked directions, the answer in Chinese would always include go UP that way, or go DOWN that way. Each road on a slant. Always heading up or down. The Chinese say that the local women walk up and down these steep hills all day, so they are not fat and have long, slim legs too as a result. 

Another reason that is often given for the number of beauties in Chongqing the climate of the city. It is extremely hot and humid there. In fact, Chongqing is classed as one of Chinas urban infernos in Summer - one of three famously hot cities. With the humidity and heat, the girls skin is given something like an outdoor sauna, day in day out. This leads to very clear and radiant skin. Great, skin is notable in China because, no disrespect, but this is not the case in many parts of the country. Possibly due to sometimes oily food, many people suffer acne.

Lastly, the food. In Chongqing, everything comes hot. Spicy and numbing are the flavours that are most popular in the dishes here. The biggest food specialty in Chongqing is hot pot - spicy chilly oil heated in a large pot. This is placed in the centre of the table and the food (typically fish and vegetables) are cooked and eaten straight from the pot. Chongqings diet is perhaps another source of the beautiful women that really do abound in the city. All that spicy food helps locals to sweat which can clean out their skin as well as the weather can.

Where to find these beauties in Chongqing? Just go to the main shopping area in the city centre. This is on the spit of land between two rivers, at Jeifang Bei. You will see plenty of stunners there. Personally, I also think the concentration of pretty women in Chongqing is also due to the cities affluence. Its a draw for young people from provinces around, like Hunan, Sichuan and Guizhou. These places also have a similar diet and weather, so think of Chongqing as a concentration of the best of the best from a large region. As an extra point, I think you could categorise Chongqing girls as Dameinu literally big or very beautiful women. I tend to think of them in heels with long legs and tight skirts. Fashion in China is not shy and, yes, these girls are strikingly beautiful.

2) Sichuan

Sichuan province is huge. Its in Western China, and butts up against the Tibetan plateau. The Western part of the province is largely made up of Tibetan areas, with the mountains rising sharply to the West of the provincial capital, Chengdu. So there are large amounts of Tibetans and other ethnic groups in this Province. But when Chinese people talk about beauty, in my opinion, they are talking about the beauty of Han Chinese, the majority in China. 

Chongqing (above) used to actually be part of Sichuan, so this accounts for the prevalence of beauties. Its mountainous, humid and has a similar diet with a lot of chillies. The food in Sichuan, though, is often more searingly spicy. So, again spice equals sweating and clear skin. This is usually true, the girls in Sichuan do have softer, clearer skin. 

So what do I think of this idea that Sichuan province is crammed to the gills with beautiful girls? I think of Sichuan girls as shorter. Sichuan is in the South of China - where people are markedly shorter than the North. I also think that, yes whilst not being the kind to leave an impression and blow your socks off sort of beauty of the Chongqing girls, there is definitely something in the water as we say in Britain. I think of Sichuan girls as pretty or beautiful to Chongqings sexy. I also tend to think of them as cute, perhaps because they are often slim and (a bit) shorter.

Im going to say that, in the Chinese mind, Sichuanese girls also echo this femininity and mildness in their character. They are seen as soft or gentle in nature. There is a Chinese joke about this, saying you should choose a wife from Sichuan.

3) Hunan

Now, I can speak from experience here. I lived in Hunan for three years. 

Hunan is home to stunning women. Go to the provincial capital, Changsha and peruse the malls and coffee shops and youll fall in love every few minutes. Its pretty much the same in the other big cities in the province as well. 

After I moved out of Hunan, I taught adult students. If I had a student with striking beauty matched with a rather racy fashion sense, Id have to ask are you from Hunan? I personally think that Hunan has the highest concentration of beautiful and sexy women in China. What accounts for this? Well maybe the spicy food again. There is a word Lameizi - hot and spicy girl, which works well with Hunanese girls.

Hunan is really a sleeper to its famous neighbours Chongqing and Sihuan. 

Im going make some additions to the famous three. Firstly is the point that Han Chinese people always say that the women in Xinjiang (Sin-Jiang) are beautiful. This is Chinas largest province by size and sits in the Far North West of the country. I think they say Xinjiang women are beautiful due to the love of the exotic or different. The muslim people, called Uighurs which make up most of Xinjiangs population do look very different from Han Chinese. The women traditionally grow their hair very long - feminine. They also have different features, with typically round eyes which are sometimes light in colour (like green) and high, straight nose bridges. So, generally more European or Eurasian. 

By the way, Suzhou is the touristy water town situated an hour or so from Shanghai.  Many Chinese people have also told me that the girls from this city are beautiful. Well, thats a stereotype for you. Its gotta be based on some truth, but, having only been to Suzhou once, I cant comment. SO many Chinese people tell you over time that the women of Suzhou are beautiful.

If you were to ask someone in the UK where are the most beautiful girls in Britain (not a question youd ask, purely because of the small population- honest). Youd get no real reply, no commonly held belief. Even if you asked them about the most beautiful girls in Europe. There isnt one set of answers youd hear again and again.

Not so in China. There are MANY commonly held beliefs amongst (Han) Chinese people on a whole range of things. If you go there, youll know what I mean. Confucian thought held the society together in the past and group think is still a thing. Also, when they give ideas of where the most beautiful girls in China come from, they are stereotypes. They may hold some grain of truth. Still, its fun to think about and, if youve ever lived in any of these places (as I have), youd be rather convinced about the truth of the statements.

Another question you might have in your mind. Have I gone around China and asked people (probably rubbing my hands) where the hotties are. No, is the answer. This stuff just comes up in conversation and even in group discussions. I think the Chinese deal with the issue of beauty in a practical way. I was surprised to find that when applying for a job, Chinese people attach a photo of themselves. Something that, at least in Britain, is not done. You dont want competition based on attractiveness. Thats just not cricket.

But, in China, beauty is just a fact of life and even something to be discussed. Its kind of you see it, you say it. Plus, there is not a whole lot of the PC self censoring that goes on in the West to be found in China. So Chinese people freely tell you that such and such a province or town holds rare beauties. Heh, just as your Chinese friends will tell you if you look tired today, or have gotten fat recently.

In China, in a room of Chinese adults, youll often hear them call each other beautiful or handsome. Its funny. The first time it happened to me, I was in a factory in a city in Southern China, giving my first English class to a group of twenty or so engineers, both men and women. I had them sit in a horseshoe shape and asked them to stand up one at a time and introduce themselves. The first woman stood up smiling, giving her name and saying our teacher is so handsome. Funny!

So,  there we go, the three, maybe four places that Chinese people say hold the prettiest women in China. Thats Chongqing, Sichuan and Hunan with an honorary mention of Suzhou city in Jiangsu Province. Let me know what you think or what youve been told (comments below).

By the way these places are worth visiting for way more than good looking locals. You can be wowed by the modern metropolis of Chongqing. The natural scenery in Sichuan is astounding and it also holds many ethnic minority groups. Hunan - well, this was my home for some time. Many tourists only make it to Zhangjiajie in Hunan, but theres plenty more to see. 

All three places have spicy food, but also hot inhabitants, apparently. So, come with a strong stomach and try not to fall in love.Thanks for reading!

Source: https://www.mychinablog.com

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